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Mar 9, 2014 11:35 AM

help with Los pinos

May end up there this evening. Amysue, what to order?

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  1. Hope it's not a "date night" as the very garlicy salsa is addictive.

    Chile relleno is humongous and good (they don't tell you this, but you can order it with any filling and sauce. I like the pastor with tomatillo sauce, but that's a crazy combo). Fluffy egg batter, deep fried.

    Get the charro beans instead of refried.

    The a la carte tacos (favorites being the pastor and beef fajita) are a bargain and the enchiladas are solid.

    Husband likes the steak Mexicana.

    Only things I'm not impressed with are the appetizers (queso, etc.)

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    1. my favorite dish is their posole / pozole and I'm in agreement with Amysue - it's our favorite in all of the area. But then again, I live on garlic.

      1. I think you can't go wrong with all of the above either, as I've pretty much liked everything I've gotten there. I'd just pipe up to also give a nod to some of their dishes that people usually associate with "interior mexican". Great cochinita pibil and moles. If they have the duck mole (i can't remember if it was a special or is on the regular menu), it's pretty outstanding.

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          I didn't notice the duck mole on the menu, but I'll get it next time I can.