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Mar 9, 2014 11:25 AM

Saturday breakfast at Borough or Maltby

Hello, after Limster's recommendation of the doughnuts at Bread Ahead we are going to brave the crowds for breakfast by going to either of these markets. It's been years since we've been to Borough where we enjoyed the chorizo sandwich from Brindisa and the three cheese sandwich from Kappacasein.
My question is which three stalls would you make a bee line for in either market and would you choose Maltby over Borough as the latter is very busy (read full of tourists- which we are!)?

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  1. In my view Maltby is quite a lot more pleasant. You'll be able to stroll around and compare, rather than joining long lines.

    The smoked salmon is really very good, as are the various cheese stores. I usually get my baked goods from St John, but I've not sampled the others in much detail.

    The green grocer is excellent for slightly exotic produce if you are planning on doing any cooking or taking ingredients home.

    The wine bar - #40 Maltby - does excellent lunch food, but doesn't serve until around 12:30, so probably not ideal for you.

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      Make that another vote for the smoked salmon from Hansen & Lydersen and for 40 Maltby Street.

      Have a look at the pretty pastries from Sebastian and Poppy. They taste great too.

    2. Maltby Street is much much much smaller but yes, I'd definitely recommend it. But, of course, you can combine both easily enough, about 15 minute walk between the two or there's a bus that reduces that to couple of minutes.

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        I don't know if this is being greedy but I thought we might go to Borough first to bread ahead when it opens. Does anyone know when the Brindisa stall opens for the chorizo roll? If it's too late we might forego that and walk to Maltby, it looks great. I thought Tozino for Jamon and then a Reuben with an early Bloody Mary at little bird. Just in case we are tight for time, do you know which bus it is? Thanks!

        1. re: curiouseater

          Not off the top of my head, no, sorry!
          I use either Journey Planner or the Google Maps Directions (clicked to public transport option) to look such things up, depending on day/ time etc.

      2. Further down (about 10mins walk) to Spa Terminus is another cluster of stalls. I'm very partial to the pastries at Little Bread Pedlar, especially the Danishes.