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Aug 1, 2002 01:06 PM

Is Biddle's yummy or pass on it?

  • k

I read about Biddle's in my Frommer's guide for jazz and ribs. Is the food good? How is the music? Is it worth the trip or is it for tourists? I am leaving next Fri Aug 9. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I went to Biddle's a few years ago. I don't remember how the food was or even if I ate a meal there. I basically went for the jazz and that was great.

    The performer was Johnny Scott and he took the time to sit with us and was very friendly and personable (as well as extremely talented, too!)

    1. Biddle's jazz is amazing. The food is good but slightly overpriced unless you're American and then it's cheap like everything else in Canada. Yes, it's a joint for tourists and therein lies the charm. Another great (more intimate) jazz bar is Upstairs on MacKay street downtown below Ste. Catherine. Go to both. Have a late dinner- Montreal usually starts to wake up at around 10-11pm. Have a great time!!!