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Mar 9, 2014 08:39 AM

Sunday lunch in Barcelona

We have a cruise stop in Barcelona on a Sunday and would like a long, leisurely lunch. We've done Barcelona up and down so other than a lazy wander, we are just going to soak up the ambience.

Any lunch suggestions? We will be there in three weeks.


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  1. Lunch is a busy time on Sunday.
    Kaiku (in Barceloneta, so it's fairly close) is a good bet.
    If you choose to sit outside be VERY wary of purses etc. It's a prime pickpocketing/snatching area as so many day cruise passengers (and a large police presence) but better safe than sorry. Reservations recommended or get there very early.

    1. Hands down, Set Portes.
      Must reserve.

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        Thanks, Reserving at Set Portes. I forgot about this place! It's perfect!

        1. re: potterstreet

          At Set Portes don't miss the Arroz Negro and other rice dishes. And the staff is very gracious if you want to share a rice dish with your dining companion.
          Last time I was in Barcelona, I had arroz negro at Arrozeria Sarria (very disappointing) and Casa Delfin (ok). Set Portes still makes it best.
          Another good hang-out for cruisers is the Maritime Museum quite near the waterfront of the Ramblas. Not for a long lunch, but perfect spot for breakfast or an afternoon coffee in the lovely garden café.

          1. re: Parigi

            Thanks so much for the well thought out response! I think you've helped me in other European forums - maybe France. In any case, it is very much appreciated.

            Just curious, do you gave a certain room you like at Set Portes?