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What to make with 20 drumsticks

No fried chicken or baked with lemon, garlic, rosemary. I always make those. Thanks.

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  1. I bought 10 drumsticks yesterday since they were on sale.

    I was looking for new ideas and finally settled on Giada's Balsamic Chicken Drumettes for dinner tonight.

    First time making them so not sure how they will turn out!

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      Update: Don't make this! Flavour was just OK.

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        This made me laugh. Thank you. They are un-thawing. Still haven't made anything.

    2. Go Retro, there's a reason why America had a century-long love affair with Chicken Country Captain http://archives.smdailyjournal.com/ar...

      1. I like Buffalo Legs. We pull the skin down toward the ankle to reveal the meat and season with plenty of kosher salt & fresh cracked pepper; add just a bit of oil and refrigerate at least an hour, preferably overnight. Pull the skin back into place and cook on a Hot grill. Toss in Franks Hot Sauce to which you've added 4 or more pressed cloves of garlic.

        1. My kids like these Sticky Chicken Drumsticks. I double the sauce and I just bake it all together...I don't finish sauce on stovetop.


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              I read this as "Stinky" Chicken Drumsticks and was SO CURIOUS what made them stinky.

              Sticky is not nearly so interesting (although it sounds delicious)!

            2. Ike's fish sauce wings! Or drumsticks as the case may be.
              This recipe is a very popular Vietnamese style mashup, and it quite caramel-y and juicy. I've done this several times with drumsticks, grilling instead of frying in step 3. For 20 drumsticks you'd have to multiply the recipe based on your guestimate.

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              1. Chicken Adobo

                Teriyaki drumsticks

                Pillsbury Million Dollar Bakeoff winning salsa couscous chicken. I made this for the first time last Sunday. We all enjoyed it.

                1. Chicken Marbella.

                  Or roast with potatoes, carrots, turnip, winter squash in roughly 1.5" chunks, and onions cut into wedges with the root end still attached to hold them together. Except for the onions, toss the veg with olive oil, S&P, garlic powder or other dry herb/spice. Spread on a sheet pan, along with the onion and chicken pieces, which you've drizzled with a little oil or melted butter, and seasoned. Preheated 475F oven for 45 minutes. Dinner in one pan. This would use about 8 drums, and enough veg to feed 4 people.

                  1. Mustard chicken
                    Brush mustard with chopped garlic and thyme on chicken,
                    Coat with breadcrumbs
                    Bake 1.5 hours at 325
                    Dotted with butter

                    Really wonderful and unusual

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                      What kind of breadcrumbs to you use? Fresh or dried, and if dried, plain or unseasoned? I'd try this for sure.


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                        I have used both and Panko as well. I like either well toasted fresh ones or dried unseasoned, the latter are best because they really make a crunch.
                        I forgot to say cook covered first hour and then uncover.

                    2. Being the carnivorous half of the family, and the only one who lunches at home most days, I would probably anoint them with melted butter and plenty of sriracha and roast or grill them, giving me about ten days' worth of lunch! I think twenty drumsticks would fit in the bigger grilling basket …

                      An old friend of mine, if in your situation, would be more likely to take this as an excuse to make a big pot of gumbo. If it were cold out I might do the same. Of course I'd have to eat it all myself, though I could probably deal with that!

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                        I was thinking about something like Gumbo or soupy. The lazy side of me wants to just throw them in a pan with some water or stock and forget about them.

                      2. Chicken stock, then shred the meat for soup.

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                          My thoughts, exactly! And I'd chop some of those in half through the bone,, for more intense flavor, too.

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                            I was thinking about something like this originally. Why does halving the bone make it better?

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                              The bone marrow is exposed. BTW - the meat stays nice and moist for a good tasting soup and the drumsticks are easy for meat removal.

                        2. This recipe is really good and really easy: http://thaifood.about.com/od/thaireci...

                          Chicken biryani and arroz con pollo are also great with all drumsticks, as is jerk chicken.

                          And since they always have organic chicken legs on sale at our food co-op, I've been meaning to try something like this one day. Kind of labor-intensive, but could be great: http://www.kitchenbounty.com/2011/12/...

                          1. Lay them in baking dish. Sprinkle generously with soy sauce and garlic powder. Over this pour canned crushed pineapple. Sprinkle on a little more soy sauce and garlic powder. Bake. Works with any quantity of chicken legs. Good with rice.

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                                Querencia, do you drain the pineapple first or pour with the juice? Thanks!

                              2. Trashy-but-tasty: Brown the chicken in a large pan, add chopped onion to deglaze, lowering heat to med or med/low. When onion is translucent, add canned cream of mushroom soup and half a can's worth of milk or wine or combination. Stir, cover, braise on low heat until chicken is falling off the bone (oven or stovetop). The skin is rendered and browned enough that it's tasty despite not being crisp. The thick sauce is really triffic despite being saltier than I would normally cook. Plain rice or potatoes, or mashed potatoes.

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                                  Meant to say that a can of soup is enough to cook 8-10 drumsticks.

                                2. Jerk chicken - the CH recipe calls for thighs, but drumsticks would be fine. I made this recipe last week, using their instructions for baking in oven rather than using a slow-cooker. http://www.chow.com/recipes/27788-pul...

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                                    Use a heavy sharp clever to take off the first inch above the knuckle joint. Now you have drumsticks without the 'stick' part. Make a nice big chicken cacciatore. Freeze what you don't eat the first night......like I just did. LOL

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                                      I notice at the Korean places they call them "sticks."

                                  2. If you have the patience to bone them, stuff with sweet Italian sausage, Season and bake.

                                    1. I love honey-soy drumsticks...

                                      1. Thank you for this recent thread Lulu, I was contemplating what to do with the family pak in my fridge for tonight and I've been stuck in the same garlic/rosemary/lemon rut as you!
                                        (I'm thinking arroz con pollo!)

                                        1. I made chicken legs (but drumsticks alone would be fine too) from Pati's Mexican Table and they were delicious. First browned and then cooked stovetop with a sauce of tamarind and chipotle. Here is the link: http://www.patismexicantable.com/2010...
                                          I did not have any apricots and made it with dried figs - still very tasty.

                                          1. as all these posts show you can go pretty much anywhere you want with chicken legs - much more forgiving and flavorful than BSCB they are great for grilling, braising, baking, shredding etc. at the simplest I toss with herbs and olive oil and bake in the oven low and slow till they are fall of the bone with crispy skin - serve with rice and a veg - pan sauce from the drippings - you can pretty much take the flavors any way you want.

                                                1. +1 on the tandoori. Or mole poblano.

                                                  This Peruvian grilled chicken marinade is SO flavorful with a few simple ingredients.


                                                  1. Sweetie and Spicy Drums

                                                    TOTAL TIME: Prep: 15 min. + marinating Bake: 50 min. MAKES: 20 servings
                                                    2 cups sugar

                                                    1/4 cup paprika
                                                    1 TB Kosher salt

                                                    2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper

                                                    1 teaspoon garlic powder

                                                    1 teaspoon chili powder

                                                    1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

                                                    20 chicken drumsticks (5 ounces each)

                                                    Directions 1.In a large resealable plastic bag, combine the sugar, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder and cayenne. Add drumsticks, a few at a time; seal and shake to coat.
                                                    2.Place chicken in two greased 15-in. x 10-in. x 1-in. baking pans. Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight. (A small amount of meat juices will form in the pan.)
                                                    3.Bake, uncovered, at 325° for 50-60 minutes or until chicken juices run clear and a meat thermometer reads 180°. Yield: 20 drumsticks.

                                                    1. I also stocked up on chicken at my local Lucky's store. 5 family packs for $25. I would have gotten more if my freezer was able to hold more. I picked up drum sticks, thighs, legs, and breasts! I roasted a large batch last night and it was sinfully delicious. Here's my go to Asian marinade for any sort of chicken cuts. Roast on high at 400 and viola! Very aromatic. Very delicious:

                                                      ◦1/2 cup oyster sauce
                                                      ◦1/2 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice
                                                      ◦1 /2 teaspoon MSG
                                                      ◦1 /2 teaspoon ground pepper
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon garlic powder
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon minced lemon grass
                                                      ◦7 cloves of minced garlic
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon honey or 1.5 tablespoons Mirin
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon cooking wine
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon soy sauce
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon tapioca starch (or all purpose flour)
                                                      ◦3/4 cup granulated sugar
                                                      ◦1 tablespoon fish sauce

                                                      1. W/ 40 cloves of garlic! Knock off the knobs, salt for a day or two, dust w/ flour, saute, add cloves, deglaze w/ wh. wine & stock, braise till done and gooey. Juice of a decent lemon & handful chopped parsley b/f serving.

                                                        1. No love for the Trini Chinese chicken that set these boards on fire last year? That salty and hot glaze is pretty amazing.

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                                                          1. re: JungMann

                                                            D'oh. I guess I just never considered using drumsticks for that recipe -- I always use BISO thighs.

                                                            But you're right, of course. These are great from the grill or the oven. I've still not fried them. Yet :-)

                                                            1. re: JungMann

                                                              I just Googled the NY Times recipe. Am excited to try it. Is the scotch bonnet pepper sauce difficult to find?

                                                              1. re: letsindulge

                                                                Not at all. If you have a Wegmans nearby or any larger supermarket (or even an international grocer), you should be able to find it.

                                                                I never found the Matouk's brand but am *very* happy with Grace's: a bright orange, wonderfully floral and spicy sauce I use on many dishes now if I want a kick with flavor.

                                                                1. re: linguafood

                                                                  I had supermarket envy when we were back east visit my in-laws. Wish we had a Wegman's in CA. Will check for Grace's, and/or Matouk's on my next market run.

                                                                  1. re: letsindulge

                                                                    I hope you find either. I am in love with the Grace brand sauce.

                                                            2. Chicken Savoy!
                                                              Works best with skin-on dark meat of both varieties.

                                                              1. My mom often made chicken with oyster sauce when I was a kid and it was always a hit.