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Sell outs/things that sell out fast

If you don't get in gear early you will miss the chilled Xian noodles at Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Chelmsford. Everybody knows that if you don't beat the long line at Galleria Umberto on Hanover the chance of getting an arrincini evaporates by 2. (You still can't get near a cronut at Dominique Ansel in NY unless you get in the queue by 0 dark 30).

What sort of delectable commodities do we have that are in demand and short supply in our neck of the woods? Tell me your go to's, hideaways, keepers of culinary flames.

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  1. The burger at Craigie on Main. Only a limited number each night and only at the bar.


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      There are also a limited quantity of burgers at Drink. Only at the bar there, too. ;-)

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        I hear the "secret burgers" at Alden & Harlow are limited and sell out as well.

      2. The bagels at Cutty's based on reports here lately.

        1. Union Sq donuts has denied me. Early bird bakers!

          1. The chicken sandwich at Cuttys.. Tamales at Tenoch

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                Don't forget the bagels at Cutty's too.

              2. Rosenfeld's bagels are only open until 1 on the week-ends then closed monday and tuesday

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                  and Katz's in Chelsea even weirder hours

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                    and they certainly run out faster, sometimes by 11

                2. Holding out hope that Betty Ann Food Shop in East Boston will reopen in 2014 as they suggested on their Facebook page, they're only open 7-11am and if you get there after 10 it's pretty slim pickings. I miss their donuts!

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                    I didn't realized they were closed- I usually commute by the time they sell out and assumed they were still open! :(

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                      I think there was an illness in the family but I'm holding out hope they reopen!

                  2. Just thought of Hartley's Pork Pies in Lincoln,RI. Be there by 2 wed-sat or be 2 late. Lots of filling beside pork and some frozen.

                    1. Three Little Figs in Somerville runs out of their lavender almond biscuits. Nothing else compares. Except maybe the apple cider donut muffins, come to think of it.

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                        Those lavender biscuits are amazing. I weep when they're sold out.

                      2. Pho Viet's stops serving its awesome banh mi when it runs out of bread for the day, which often happens by 3pm.

                        Haven't been by in the evening for a while (to avoid longer waits), but Neptune Oyster would routinely run out of its nightly specials well before the end of service, notably Monday's lobster spaghettini.


                        1. Anna's Donuts in West Roxbury. Close at 1pm, and often sell out of certain kinds first.

                          1. Donuts at Betty Ann Food Shop in Eastie. Usually sold out before 8am ;(

                            1. Bell and Evan's Chicken at Whole Foods when it's on sale. The next day they are gone.

                              1. po taat @ Great Taste on weekends

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                                  They will often make more at Great Taste if you ask and are willing to come back in 20 min.

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                                        Thanks Striper. I should have put my glasses on. No wonder why nothing came up when I googled pho taat!

                                  1. the weekend-only bouillon tĂȘte cabrit (goat head soup) at la perle in everett

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                                      Is so rich & wonderful. If you don't get there early enough, it all will have been snapped up by their very busy take out business.

                                    2. The Saturday BBQ at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge. Depends on the weather, but opens at 11, often sold out by 2 or 3. (Also it's seasonal so the first one and the last one of the season are the busiest)

                                      1. The donuts at Ziggy's in Salem, usually gone well before 11am.

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                                          I've been meaning to try those donuts, how to they compare to coffee time?

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                                            Like night and day, try Ziggy's and you will know why.

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                                            hi drew,i googled these donuts-apparently they are cake, yes? or just some of them? ever since the amazing and simple cake style cider donuts at the Cider Mill near Stowe VT, i've been looking in vain for some wonderful cake donuts in boston, to no avail.)

                                            So Ziggy's may be just the thing!

                                            (btw ,happy to read that you discovered 5 corners and love it! )

                                          3. spinach and artichoke souffle at panera bread

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                                              that's the only thing I'll eat at Panera, and I"m sure it's full of fat. Still, once or twice a year, I go for it.

                                            2. Does Louie's Pizza on Main St. in Woburn's south end still exist? I've never had their legendary pizza but it was common knowledge that he was only open for a few hours a day and when the dough was gone, so was Louie.

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                                                I just googled it and it's open until "7ish" every day but Sunday.

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                                                  Thinking about it, it can't possibly still be the same Louie because he was quite elderly 20 yrs ago. I sometimes delivered mail on that route (knew who he was from another location) and the place was never open when I got there in the afternoon. If the current hours are observed, someone has revitalized the business.

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                                                    I stopped in there a while ago after seeing this article, good pizza. Staff seemed to be younger than 60 so your Louie might have been off that day.