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1.5 days in Montreal...suggestions?

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I've perused this fine board and have become overwhelmed with the information available! I was hoping that some of you could help me out with some specific suggestions for my upcoming (this weekend) quick jaunt into Montreal.

My specifics: The three meals in question are Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch. In an effort to enjoy great food for less money (and in recognition of the fact that I may not be able to get a reservation at this late stage), I was considering going to a "finer" restaurant for Saturday lunch -- along the lines of Globe (not sure if they serve lunch) or L'Express. I was really hoping for Bonaparte but I guess they don't serve lunch on weekends.

Any other lunch suggestions along these lines?

Saturday dinner I thought we go ethnic -- Indian perhaps -- I've read good things about Maison Curry Golden and Ghandis. Any other suggestions here are welcome.

Then Sunday lunch can and should be a bit more lowkey and casual. A terrific sandwich place or pizzeria, perhaps? I'd expect to be doing some shopping downtown so something in that general (albeit large) area would be appreciated.

We'll be staying on Rue Guy.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide (I realize this is a lot of info to request)! I will return the favor through a post-trip review!


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  1. I'd go to Cafe Santropol on Sunday for lunch. Maybe not the most flexible sandwich menu(no bread options) but one of the most eccentric for sure with a real Boho vibe. Sit in the garden.

    Also I'd grab some Pho on lower St. Laurent, I think the most popular place is Pho Bang. I'm not sure if it's the absolute best though.

    There were a couple of family run, greek restaurants with amazingly fresh fish mentioned here. I have yet to go but they're tops on my list.

    Lezvos, 1221 Mont-Royal East and Faro's

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      Molivos on Guy corner Sherbrooke for very fresh fish and seafood.