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Mar 8, 2014 09:15 PM

de buyer - seasoning help!!

Hi !!

I have finally got my 1st de buyer pan and I am having trouble seasoning it. I want to start again, but should I use oven cleaner to clean the seasoning? Should I start again, or should I just keep on seasoning it

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  1. Use flax seed oil it's expensive but works great. Use very thin layers make sure there are no runs pretty much wiped the pan. I heated my pants Tillit smoked until it seems like the oil evaporated. And do this between six and 11 times and will be extremely happy

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    1. re: VeganVick

      Your pan looks great! I am going to use flax seed oil next time. How should I clean the pan now to start fresh? I read some posts about using 3M Stainless Steel Scrubbing Pad to remove ALL the season. Is that possible? or should I use oven cleaner?

      1. re: casestudy83

        Personally I don't like flax seed oil. It looks pretty, but doesn't stay on very well in the long run. Lard works much better for me.

        You don't need to remove all of it, just scrub with the 3M pad until the easily removable bits are gone, leave the stubborn ones (they're good).