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Bakeries that bake birthday cake from scratch

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am wondering if there are any bakeries that make birthday cake from scratch.

It's too bad all the major supermarkets all source their baked goods now, I know at T&T, loblaws, metro, costco, everyone has their baked goods made off site and they are just baked from frozen in the store and decorated.

I know chinese bakeries make their birthday cake from scratch. However, are there any other major supermarkets that bake from scratch?

It's so sad, I remember Loblaws and even Dominion used to bake angel food cake instore. It's too bad everyone is cost cutting :(

One of the ladies at T&T tells me that nothing is made in house, everything is pre-made. Even the buns are pre-made I think and then baked on site.

I'm looking for an old school type of cake that you would serve for a birthday so nothing fancy like Nadege or the like.

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  1. As for as I know none in Toronto do, but I don't blame that on the grocery stores and their cost-cutting. I blame that on consumers who want lower prices and would flock elsewhere if the birthday cake was cheaper, rather than pay more for something that was baked in house. The demand just isn't there for birthday cakes baked in house at a higher price.

    1. Flaky Tart is an independent old school bakeshop and everything they make onsite is delicious. I'm sure Madelaine could bake something you would be happy with.


      1. Cakes by Robert makes wonderful old school birthday cake.

        The last one I had a few months ago was not up to its usual brilliance, but my family LOVED it and it was still far better than the chains.

        Aside from that last cake, I've had incredible old fashioned birthday cakes from them for many years.

        (Nut-free, too)


        1. Andrea's Gerrard Street bakery does possibly the best Chocolate cake I have ever had.

          1. The bakery in J-town.

            1. Celena's Bakery at Danforth and Woodbine. Here is a quote from their website:

              Our cake batter, our Buttercream and Icings, Fillings, Toppings and Decorations.
              All our CAKES are crafted by hand, in-shop, per order specifications.
              To us, this means controlling quality and artistic integrity through every stage.
              To you, it means a better cake.

              Dense, moist, rich cake, layered and topped with home-made buttercream,
              fondant, or whatever you like.

              1. Thanks to everyone for your replies, will check them out.

                This may sound stupid but, when going to any of the recommended bakeries, should hte cake be light and fluffy?

                Maybe because I have been eating too many 'fresh cakes' which are dry and dense = frozen, but I can't tell...

                I try to bake but the results are just dense cakes, no matter how many egg whites I whip in, a kitchen aid stand mixer didn't change things albeit boxed mixes taste good. Wish I could bake from scratch. sigh.

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                  Most commercial bakeries have a practice of mass producing cakes and than freezing them for later use. But cakes baked from scratch are naturally denser than store bought packages.

                  I rmb watching a ep of America's Test Kitchen where they did a comparison of store bought cake and ones they made from scratch. The store bought variety was lighter and more airy than their home made version, which is attributed to the leveners, tenderizers, etc that was included in the mix of store bought packages.

                  1. re: asagiri

                    Really? I'm surprised, I would have guessed that one from scratch would have been lighter.

                    On that note, how do bakeries (Mcdonald's, Tim Hortons) and the like, have these pointed muffins (like a smurf's house) but the muffins and cupcakes I make at home are like scoops of ice cream, very flat.

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                      A point on a cake (or muffin) is actually a sign of over mixing. Also they put in way more sugar and salt to cover up the taste of extra leavening agents.

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                        This will likely get moved to the Home Cooking board, but if you'd like a rounded top (not pointed but not flat either) increase your baking temp by 25 degrees F. The top sets a little before the inside is done rising and that pushes it into a dome.

                  2. Wagamama Pastries on King W. makes a beautifully light and tasty cake. They make from scratch, but I would not be that surprised if they have a few cakes frozen for later decorating, etc. I think as long as good ingredients are used, the recipe works with some short term freezing (e.g. not more than 1 day) and defrosting is done properly then it shouldn't taste that different to something freshly made and frosted that day.

                    1. May I ask where you ended up getting your cake? I'm celebrating a big birthday at the end of August and I want to find something really delicious to serve 30-40 people. I visited Empire Bakery at Yonge and Steeles and thought the cakes (Napoleon and Sour Cream) were okay, but didn't blow me away. Tried a lovely Black Forest at Sweet Note at Hwy 7 and Leslie, but don't think the price would be in our range.
                      DH thinks no one will care or know the difference between an okay cake and an amazing cake. I love to bake, so it matters to me that it knock my socks off.

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                        If you enjoyed the Black Forest cake from Sweet Note, why not just go for them? Sure it's a little expensive, but it's like the old saying "you get what you paid for".

                        But if costs really is an issue, I would either serve smaller portions of a really good cake or go to Costco and purchase some of their premade cakes (i.e. Tiramisu).

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                          I think we ended up getting a cake at Nadedge on Queen St.

                          To be honest, if you like a light sponge cake any Chinese Bakery makes the cakes from scratch. Hong Kong Island on Spadina by Dundas in chinatown is such a place. If you plan on driving though, there's construction in the area.

                          This place makes cakes by weight, well...not really but it's 1 lb, 2 lbs and up. Worth checking out if you just want a light, airy cake with a whipped cream and fruit...