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Mar 8, 2014 09:11 PM

Formosa Cafe - Red Medicine Menu

Rice cakes are rich and spicy, and exactly complementary with the green papaya salad. Which is to say: Order them both and ask for them to be served at the same time. The warm, spicy, spongy texture of the rice cakes is perfectly offset by the cold, acidic, crunchy texture of the papaya salad. I liked to put a little salad on top of the rice cakes. What a treat.

The banh mi is large and well-flavored with the pork belly, generous pickled veggies, and like the other dishes, generous leaves (ciliantro in this case). The baguette wasn't really a baguette, more like a roll. And it wasn't the best I've had. But the taste was good. I'd order it again.

We got there just as they opened, and it was very chill, the way I like it. As we finished our meal, the place filled-up.

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  1. Wow, I feel like a complete idiot for having eat at Red Medicine last night. All of their best items are on the Formosa menu...

    And the brisket is even on the menu for $26 less!


    Red Medicine would seem to have put themselves out of business here...there doesn't appear to be any reason to ever go to Red Medicine proper given this new menu at Formosa!