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Jul 29, 2002 10:11 PM

Vietnamese and dim sum

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Hi all fellow chows...we are visiting Montreal in a few weeks and would love your suggestions for wonderful restaurants. In particular we want to have some good Vietnamese dinners. What are your favs for dim sum downtown? Thanks

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  1. We loved La Papaye Verte for both the vibrantly flavored food and great service. An attractive room completes the deal. It can get surprisingly noisy if crowded though.

    365 Bernard W. Place des Arts m├ętro. Bus 80

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      Another option not so far from the city center is Souvenir d`Indochine on Mont-Royal by du Parc. It has a nice terrasse that looks out on Parc Mont-Royal. However, if you can go a bit further away from city center, La Papaye Verte is the best!

    2. Add another vote for La Papaye Verte. It's a must on every visit to Montreal :)