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Mar 8, 2014 06:26 PM

Bluebottle Opens new store in Oakland on Broadway near 40th

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  1. I have not been a fan of Blue Bottle, preferring Four Barrel, Ritual and even Bicycle and Verve. However, as an Oakland resident I would go to the Jack London cafe/roastery every couple of months to sample. However, I live quite near the new Morse building cafe and have the strong impression that the pour over coffee I've had there 3-4 times now has been better than at their other venues (JLS, mint, ferry bldg.) not sure why this would be since I am sure the beans are the same but maybe the skill level is better, or they are using a different amount of beans per cup?

    Anyway, I like it, but their single origin roasts are much more than I want to pay regularly for.