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Mar 8, 2014 06:22 PM

Lifesavers--are any varieties kosher?


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  1. You mean the little round candies? And by varieties do you mean flavors?
    Since I can think of none being made with milk or meat ingredients, I'd say they were all safe.

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      For those who keep strictly kosher, it's more than ingredients; it's having rabbinic oversight at the plant, restaurant, etc.

      1. re: Chefpaulo

        On the contrary, at least some varieties (Wint O Green and Pep O Mint) definitely contain animal ingredients and are 100% treif. Some other Wrigley products contain gelatin. And since they're all made on the same equipment they're all treif.

        1. re: zsero

          this is the answer I was seeking. Thank you so much!

          1. re: zsero

            How could you be certain they are 100% treif?
            Very hard to believe a hard candy is absolutely NOT KOSHER AND CONTAINS ANIMAL INGREDIENTS..Please share with me where you got this info from..Thanks Jack

            1. re: jcyberkidz

              Look at the ingredient list for Orange Mint, Pep O Mint, Spear O Mint, and Wint O Green. Chazzer treif.

              The real question is why you would find it hard to believe. What is it about candy that would make someone think it must be vegetarian?

              1. re: zsero

                I looked here at wint-o-green and it lists SUGAR, CORN SYRUP, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, STEARIC ACID. The stearic acid seems to be the problem

                1. re: koshergourmetmart

                  Precisely. I didn't say so explicitly, because I wanted jcyberkidz to do the exercise of looking it up and figuring out what the problem was for him/herself, for the educational value.

        2. Not the answer you're looking for but YummyEarth has organic hard candies and lollipops with Kof-K certification.

          1. to clarify, wondering if any Lifesavers brand candies have a reliable hechsher.

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            1. re: noya

              "For example, all Wrigley products in Israel are certified kosher."

              So, have someone buy them there. :-)

              1. re: DeisCane

                I'm not seeing where you are quoting from, so I don't know the context, but I presume most people know that what is sold in Israel is not different from an ingredient standpoint, but rather from a certification standpoint. The general rabbanut in Israel accepts a different standard for gelatin in Israel, so while it may be the same gelatin there and here, there it is considered kosher by the standards of many of the rabbaniut (sp?).

                1. re: queenscook

                  That is from the LifeSaver website.

                  This is from

                  It should be noted, however, that other authorities, notably Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank zt"l, and yb"l Rav Ovadia Yosef and Rav Eliezer Waldenberg shlit"a permit the use of regular gelatin based upon one or more of the above arguments. On the basis of these opinions, the Rabbanut in Israel does allow the use of certain types of gelatin produced from non-Kosher sources (primarily from dried bones). However, none of the Mehadrin Kosher certifications in Israel allow the use of this product, and the Rabbanut itself requires that products containing such questionable gelatin be clearly labeled as "permitted only for those who allow the use of gelatin"

                  1. re: DeisCane

                    We're moving a bit off-topic, but the issue here for most flavors is simply supervision. For certain mint flavors the issue (aside from supervision) is that they contain stearic acid, which is derived from animal fats

                    1. re: ferret

                      Just found this on a halal info website from communications with LifeSaver:

                      Life Savers® (Pep-O-Mint and Wint-O-Green) are all products sold in the United States that contain stearic acid that is animal-based ingredients.

                  2. re: queenscook

                    <i> I presume most people know that what is sold in Israel is not different from an ingredient standpoint, but rather from a certification standpoint</i>

                    This is not true. When a product is sold in Israel with a genuine hechsher, and has no hechsher elsewhere, it almost <i>always</i> means it's a special run.

                    1. re: zsero

                      In addition, sometimes products sold in Israel are from European runs rather than the U.S. versions.

                2. Contact them and ask for them to go kosher. I just did. There is a quick online form here:


                  1. Hi XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,

                    Thank you for writing to inquire about ingredients used in Wrigley products.

                    Kosher foods comply with Jewish Dietary laws and are, therefore, approved for consumption by observant Jewish Consumers. Typically, a Rabbi, representing a certification agency, examines the produce, process, and ingredients as well as the manufacturing plant. If everything meets all of the requirements, the food is certified “Kosher” and the product label can carry the Kosher Symbol. Unfortunately, at this time our products can not be considered Kosher Certified.

                    Some of the Wrigley products do contain a gelatin. If there is gelatin listed in any Wrigley product’s ingredient list it is a pork derived gelatin or a mixture of pork and beef derived gelatin. Those products that do contain gelatin are: Extra Polar Ice gum, LifeSaver Gummies, all Orbit Mist gum flavors, Starburst GummiBursts and Altoids Mints. In addition, Starburst Fruit chews contain a beef gelatin. Altoids Smalls and Starburst Minis do not contain gelatin. Always check the label for the most up to date ingredients.

                    We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any additional questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 1-800-WRIGLEY Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.


                    Tammy Sampson
                    Consumer Care Representative