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Mar 8, 2014 05:38 PM

One Night In Pittsburgh

My Bride and I will be in Pittsburgh for one night ( a Thursday) on our way out to a wedding in April. Any suggestions on a neat hotel/ walkable range restaurant combo we should try? Not terribly interested in asian food but anything else good would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Since you don't mention budget, I'll suggest the Omni William Penn, a lovely historic hotel right downtown. You can have a great cocktail in Speakeasy downstairs (it was one, back in the day.) then walk over to Market Square or the Cultural District. Try Meat & Potatoes, Butcher & the Rye, Grit &Grace, Il Pizziaolo, Wingharts, Nine On Nine or Habitat. Lots of choice and range.

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      1. re: Mr. Bingley

        Eleven looks like it's within walking distance as well.

        1. re: Mr. Bingley

          Yes but there is a desolate 2 blocks to get there. It's a little fancier than my other recs as well. RE the post about the William Penn- I suggested it because you asked for 'neat.' There are other, better situated hotels downtown but the WP is a very cool place.

          1. re: mb luvs SBH

            Ah, thanks for the extra info!

            I haven't set foot in Pittsburgh since I saw Springsteen at Three Rivers Stadium in the summer of '85 so my local knowledge is somewhat...dated.

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              Butcher and the Rye is sounding pretty good, methinks.

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                If you are thinking here....try to get a reservation ASAP. Its probably the hottest table in town right now. If you can't get in there, Meat & Potatoes is similar (same owners) and not as hot as its been around longer.

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       myself I was at that same concert.

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                  It wasn't me that spilled your beer, I swear!

      2. The Omni William Penn is a beautiful hotel, but there are not a lot of choices very close. Another suggestion a bit closer is the Courtyard Marriott on Penn Ave, which is in the Theatre District and has several very good restaurants, bars and entertainment close by. Nine on Nine is my favorite, although pricy. Meat and Potatoes is a great gastropub with fantastic food too.

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        1. re: Burghfeeder

          ooh and maybe we'll hit Burgatory for lunch on the way out the next day!

          1. re: Mr. Bingley

            I've been to the one in Robinson Twp (near the airport) and we really liked it. Not fine dining, but great burgers in a nice atmosphere.

        2. I live in Chicago and travel to Pittsburgh quite a bit (my family is in PA and I got married in Pitt) and Meat and Potatoes is always on my list of must go places! Great gastro pub that can complete with all of the ones here in Chicago. I will be there this month as well and will be heading there and also trying the Butcher and the Rye which looks great as well.
          I am also a fan of Eleven. I usually stay at the Omni or the Westin.
          I would recommend a walk through the strip for lunch over Burgatory, but that's just me.

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            You might also try Grit & Grace, especially if you like a bit of Asian fusion. Its new, downtown and otherwise similar to Meat & Potatoes with the vibe, small plates, cocktails, etc.

            1. re: mb luvs SBH

              Good to know! I had not heard about it.

          2. Meat and Potatoes has the fantastic bone marrow appetizer. Go just for that!