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Mar 8, 2014 04:40 PM

Anderson Valley - food & wine mid week next week

I'm headed up to Philo next Wed/Thur. Seems like Coq au Vin may be the only place serving dinner on Thur - maybe lauren's . Boonville Hotel, aquarellle, stone & ember closed.
Anyone got any other suggestions - lunch suggestions welcome also (pls not Libby's)
Also welcome suggestions for wineries - am planning on going to Drew, know handley, Navarro, Esterlina, Toulouse. Any other smaller interesting recommendations? Many thanks

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  1. It's covered on the California board. No Bayshore in Mendocino County.

      1. Thanks Robert - sound like great suggestions

        1. Buckhorn in Boonville is an OK stop for lunch. It's mostly burgers (they do lamb and game burgers too) and sandwiches but it's good for simple food like that.

          1. Here's a quick report on the trip
            Overall mid week at this time of year limits one's choices severely.
            Dinner at Coq au vin - on 128 north of Philo just north of Handley winery. Excellent genuine French bistro cooking in cute cottage style setting. Thur is local's night menu of entree plus soup or salad and glass of wine for $24

            Main courses we tried were boeuf bourguinon - can't spell it ! - and pork with sauce normande. Boeuf was flavorful and tasted as if it had simmered at length. Pork was served with cream sauce - tender and delicious
            Other choices were chicken and scallops

            We also added a starter of rillettes de saumon. Little crop of mixed fresh and smoked salmon rillettes. Good clean salmon flavor, rich and buttery. One serving was enough for 3 of us
            Salad was fine and soup was classic French onion

            House wine served was a Philo Ridge red blend - very solid offering for wine inc with menu

            Dessert was a raspberry tart with great raspberry flavor and a so so chocolate mousse. I like mine super dark and this was more milk chocolate

            Overall great food, great value, great service

            We also tasted at Handily, Drew, Philo Ridge
            Drew was the stand out with great Syrah and solid Pinots
            Philo Ridge has solid red blend and interesting whites