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Mar 8, 2014 04:00 PM

Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk - Wow

I was searching for something new while running errands in Norwalk today and read about Rincon Taqueria, hidden on a hill across Conn. Ave from the Kohls. It sounded like a fairly traditional taco joint, so we gave it a shot. Very glad I did. It is a simple joint, with low prices, but the food is far more interesting than I expected. We had:

Fish tacos - small strips of fish fried super-crisp in a slightly spicy breading. With a nice green sauce.

Chicken taco - overflowing with a spiced pulled chicken.

Beef Empanada - a sweetish picadillo of beef. A little greasy, but in a good way.

Chicken tamale - quite large, with an interesting masa studded with corn and chicken in a red sauce.

5 tacos, 1 empanada and 1 tamale came to about $30 with tax and tip. They added a little rice and beans on the side, which made it plenty for 2 adults and a kid. It seems to be run by a couple with her mother as the cook, and everyone was super nice. The place was about half full, which is OK, but it deserves to be swamped based on the food. I'll be back soon.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've read a few other glowing reviews and definitely need to try this place!

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      Finally made it here. Excellent food and value. Portions tremendous and the food is simple but flavorful and fresh. Can't wait to go back.

    2. Maria and her mother are the prime chefs. They ran a highly praised restaurant in South Norwalk called Bistro du Soleil. Now she has this taqueria and sells at the New Canaan farmers market. Don't worry about crowds- as a local I promise she has a large and faithful following. She also is a creative caterer. A Westport CT restaurant near the train station is planned.

      1. Where on earth is this place exactly? I happened on the reviews for Rincon while my bf and I were on a trip to Home Depot (god I love that store, and I found the old poster jfood's yelp review!) and for the life of us we couldn't find it. Two cellphone maps with street views, car GPS, four eyes, Kohl's plaza, carpet store or whatever store it is where Rincon was supposed to be, it's like the place doesn't exist, lol.

        We found Rio which also had good reviews but didn't go.

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          It is hard to find, in a small strip mall (just a few stores) directly across CT Ave from the entrance from the center with Kohl's. There is a very small sign on the side of the building. I want to say there is a banquet hall in the strip mall? Google shows Tracy's Smoke Shop as well. I think the place used to be a small deli.

        2. Fresh & tasty food with friendly service. Anything on the menu with a Chilean twist will not dissapoint as that is the heritage of the owners. I also believe it is BYOB for now.

          1. Rincon is a hidden gem. The exterior is fairly non-descript and the interior is one large, open space, but the food is delicious. I read a few good things and decided to try, walking in with my camera bag over my shoulder. There are two large hand-written chalkboard menus with traditional taqueria fare…Huevas Rancheros, Burritos, Chilaquiles, Tacos, Empanadas, Tamales and a Chicken Quesadilla. I ordered a trio of tacos…a fried fish, a beef and a pork.

            As I waited, the woman who took my order brought a plate of Frijoles con Arroz (I later found out she is part of the owner-family). In addition to the slightly spicy rice and black beans, the dish contained a few green beans, corn, scallions, diced red onions and topped with cilantro. It was a very pleasant way to wait for my meal.

            I ordered three tacos, the fish, beef and pork. Each had a generous amount of filling and these tacos were not just meat and salsa, there were several additional toppings on each. The fish taco contained three pieces of lightly coated and fried fish, topped with cilantro pesto, salsa, fresh cilantro, diced red onion and scallions. The flavors were bright and delightful, accentuated by a good amount of garlic…it was delicious. The beef taco was topped with a sprinkling of grated cheese and crema. The shredded meat was a deep braised beef, full of bold flavors. This taco was a combination of Latin and Basque flavors with the mild hint of spiciness from the chili peppers. The pork taco was the best. This rendition started with a mound of slow cooked shredded pork. The toppings were the same as the beef taco, with just a little more spice. The pork taco was outstanding.

            After I was finished, I introduced myself to the young lady, Maria, as one of the editors of CTbites and told her I loved the food. She informed me that her mom was the talent behind the cuisine and it was all produced in the back kitchen which doubles as a catering kitchen.

            I entered Rincon Taqueria looking for some good tacos and left with the knowledge that this newly opened restaurant was serving some outstanding cuisine.

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