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Mar 8, 2014 02:20 PM

Looking for Liitle Gem Lettuce in Morris County

Anyone know a source?

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  1. I have seen Tanimura & Antle Little Gem Lettuce in a few walmart super centers, I believe the nearest one to Morris Co is in Mansfield/Hackettstown.

    According to Tanimura & Antle's website their products are also found at Wegmanns, and some Whole Foods and Weis Markets, so you may find it by calling the local WF in Madison, or the Wegmanns in Bridgewater or the newly opened Weis in Flanders.

    A friend also said that they believe Arthur & Friends project also grows Little Gems lettuce, so you could also check with them. and see if they are still growing it and where you can purchase it locally. (I believe they do sell directly to the public.


    Good luck and let me know where you do find it....I love it too - and have not had much since I was introduced to it on a visit to the San Fransisco/Napa Valley area.

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      Thank you! That's a comprehensive answer for sure, and gives me some great starting points. Let the hunt begin!

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        Well, it took many trips and several weeks, but it found it, finally!

        Weis Markets in Flanders, of all places.
        293 Route 206