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Mar 8, 2014 02:08 PM

Cape Town recs.

Will be in Cape Town for a couple of days, early April. We'll be staying at Southern Sun Cape Sun hotel. Looking for restaurants for a couple of lunches and dinners. We prefer something less formal (ie no need for reservation), local cuisine. Would like some place within walking distance. TIA.

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  1. I was there a year ago and test kitchen was a must so very hard to get into. It's worth making the res, fabulous and fun with an amazing view. Not sure where you are coming from but our dollar went far. Stay away from the tourist restaurants!

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      Thanks that's on the radar. Also checking out Hussar Grill.

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        Just replying to note that Test Kitchen is booked until June already. So an early booking is a must if you intend to dine there.

      2. We enjoyed Col'Cacchio Pizza. It's a short walk from the Southern Sun and had a nice selection of interesting pizzas and salads. Everything was very fresh and it was reasonably priced. I think the 2 of us paid about $30 (no alcohol). Very casual- jeans or shorts are fine.

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          It's a chain, so others should be able to find branches in their area easily.