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Mar 8, 2014 01:44 PM

Hong Kong/Macau/Beijin best restaurants (Robuchon au Dôme/Bo Innovation?)

Hi all,

I will travel to HK and Macau for 4 days and Beijin for 1 week in June. I would be very interesting to find out what are the best restaruants to in HK/Macau/Beijin. I was thinking about Robuchon au Dome (but some people told me it does not worth 3 stars standard from Europe and maybe Bo Innovation (but I read many bad reviews...). Do you think Robuchon at the Dome worth or should I try some chinese restaurants as it's Asia (I live in Paris)? For chinese I have in my list: Man Wah, Yan Toh Heen, Chairman, Luk Yu Tea House...What do you think about these restaurants and which one would you pick from them? If you think you have some better options please share. Finally I do not have any idea regarding "street food" in HK/Beijin, if you could advice I would be please to get some advices. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Truong

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  1. Where are you from? Im not sure if the street food in Beijing would really be appealing to you or safe. I was there twice in past two months and I ate candied Haws (hawberry) on a stick (very popular) and delicious. I also ate some little yams that were alright. I think each stick cost 5rmb or less. I also ate jackfruit in the street that a vendor was cutting up... around 8 fleshy pods for 8rmb. Near Wangfujing there are two streets where you can buy weird street food. I ate scorpions (i think it was 20 rmb for a stick with two... when i saw it on the other street later it was far more expensive) and some type of an organ soup.

    The other street food you will see I think might be too dangerous for you... at least the chinese girl from Wuhan I was with said I shouldnt eat it and that she only very rarely does. Its often made with recycled dirty oil. Also popular are kind of hotpot type things in the street and you dont know who has put what in it... it did not look appetizing. One night after have quite a few drinks I saw a cart making a pancake or omelet type thing (it definitely involved an egg) that looked delicious I think I paid 5 or 10rmb for it .... and was glad that I fell asleep before eating it... but I might have been fine.

    I ate a lot of Duck on both trips at many different places. If you are interested I can tell you more about them. Da Dong is perhaps the most famous.. worth a try but it is not the best (in fact my favorite was at a very inexpensive restaurant in Sanlitun where the whole duck only cost 110rmb).

    If you have never been to Haidilao hotpot I recommend it. The service is incredible and the food is great. For 3 people and lots of food at the one in Sanlitun I paid 450rmb for dinner. At lunch the one near the Temple of Heaven was about 250rmb for 2.

    Other highlights included a wonderful very local (not
    fancy or expensive) donkey meat restaurant. It was a bit strange that while I ate there 10 men from North Korea came in (they all had the red flag pin).

    At another restaurant I had a black chicken (silkie) which was a first for me.

    I think you should try to go to lots of Chinese restaurants. The western restaurants are for when expats are sick of eating Chinese food. That being said I did have some decent Western food in Beijing.

    I also recommend going to the supermarkets if you have never been before to try some things we do not have in the West such as cucumber flavored chips, durian, etc.

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      Hi Kapaxonite, thanks for your reply. I am from France. I was planing to go to Beijin Duck restaurant such as DaDong but if you said that you found better it is interesting :)

      I also planed to go to Li's family restaurant (near airport) to try imperial chinese food.

      For Super market and chinese product I used to live 8 months in Shanghai so I know I little already.

      Thanks agian.

    2. If you are from Paris I suggest you avoid French food over here, the best won't measure up to the standards you are used to. You are here for less than two weeks and there is more than enough local food to enjoy. In Macau you could try the local Portuguese influenced places like Fernando's - it's a sort of colonial mash-up.

      For HK lots of places discussed on the board already - including those on your list - make certain you plan dim sum lunches at a few different places at different price points as that offers the best variety (dim sum isn't generally available or good at night).

      Street food in HK is becoming less common, there are dai pai dongs still around (around Wellington St in a central) where you sit in the street on little plastic stools. However, a lot of the little local restaurants (many with queues at lunchtime) are similar all specialising in particular dishes. You will also see egg waffle stalls and fish ball stalls that maybe interesting to try - although most people sit down to eat here.

      In Beijing you should see carts with dumplings and pancakes which can be great. As always with street food "buyer beware" regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Kpaxonites comments from his friend are interesting, our local friends also tend to be very circumspect about where they eat - and they are no different from people in other cities i.e. If they have the money they go to restaurants and cafés for better quality and more comfort. So when you ask a local colleague about cheap street food they may not know as they tend to head to a restaurant (and that will be just as good value).