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Mar 8, 2014 09:58 AM

Big Taste 2014 YYC

Is anyone trying any where new or interesting for Big Taste this year? I'm going to only try places I've never been to before. There sure looks to be a lot of hanger steaks and short ribs on the menus this year. Sorry I can make that at home so I don't feel the need to dine out for them. There is also a lot of fish/seafood but again, not much vegetarian.

I'm set to try dinners at Rush and Avec. I wish my budget and waist line allowed for a lot more!

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  1. I used Big Taste as an opportunity have lunch at River Cafe for $15. They did a three-course with a creamy celery soup, then tuna, then cookies. Tuna was magnificent. Probably doesn't count as trying somewhere new for you, it didn't for me, but River Cafe for me is normally "only if someone else is paying" so it was a nice opportunity.

    1. My Fiance and I went to Living Room last night and I thought the 3 course dinner was of excellent value.

      They offer 2 choices for each course, so naturally we tried all 6 dishes on offer.

      Appetizers are Mexican Scallops - with avocado, pumpkin seed and guajillo pepper or Venison Tartare with veggie chips. We liked both but the venison was the best thing on the whole menu.

      Mains were supreme chicken with gnocchi and prosciutto wrapped cod. Also both quite good, I preferred the fish but the portion was a bit small. There was lots of chicken if you were feeling hungry. The chicken was served with a blue cheese vinaigrette that was interesting but definitely likely to turn off those who are not fans of the strong cheese.

      Desserts left a bit to be desired; the chambord tiramisu was just ok and the other dessert was a selection of Fiasco Gelato which while excellent was not really made by the kitchen.

      Overall though, pretty happy diners for $35/ea and would recommend.

      1. We went to quite a few new places this year.
        Two events...Downtownfood and Blink (just me, no hubby)
        And we had dinner at Candela last night.
        I took a couple of friends to Wurst and The Brasserie.
        I feel like I've run a gauntlet...that's a lot of eating out for me!
        Downtownfood and Blink were outstanding, the family REALLY enjoyed Candela last night.
        the only disappointment was The Brasserie where we waited almost an hour for the Big Taste lunch menu and it arrived cold...bad for a very fatty brisket. So very disappointing.