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Mar 8, 2014 09:33 AM

returning food to supermarket?

Did this for FIRST time that I can remember. NOT spoiled/rotten food, just totally unsatisfied. Last Friday or Saturday, bought package of pre-formed, frozen, 6 oz burgers... store brand. They were on sale. Cooked on up same way I always do... from frozen to what should been decently pink in center. Couldn't cut with a fork and even a KNIFE was pretty hard!?! Didn't have receipt, but store promptly gave me a store credit... used to buy a BIG package of fresh ground beef to make my own.

What things have you ever returned to supermarket? And why?

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  1. About a year ago I returned cubed steaks that smelled like medicated band aids when I started to cook them. Very unpleasant. That is the last thing I remember being so bad I had to return it.
    My mother returned ground beef many years ago that had a cockroach in between the meat and the foam tray. Shudder. She just took the money and left.

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    1. re: suzigirl

      Oh, good lord. A pre packaged cockroach! Now THAT should be returned, if not just to let the meat department see it! Uggghhh.

      I never return food. I don't make the time and the time/cost issue has never worked out for me. Maybe if it was a health hazard to the public or a really, really expensive item. Never happened to me yet.

      1. re: sedimental

        Same store had an ecoli break out a few years later. And before someone asks, yes they are still in business but don't get my business. Eww

    2. Long running discussion on this subject on NAF,

      1. Trader Joe's has a great return policy, I mostly return bad produce there all the time, but they encourage you return other things even things you just didn't like which I have done. Whole Foods also has a great return policy. I've had a few cuts of meat that smelled awful or were butchered incorrectly and I returned them. Here are several other threads on the topic

        1. The market I use most often has a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. Sometimes they ask why I am returning something, sometimes they don't even speak when I return an item. I've returned half-and-half that had an off smell, heavy cream that was thick and clumpy like it had been shaken to butter, balsamic glaze that tasted only like sugar and had no flavor of balsamic, products that had been opened at the store, undiscovered until I went to use them at home, cereal I discovered was crawling with ants when I unpacked the groceries, salad dressings that had long-past sell-by dates (lesson learned there), blue cheese that had zero blue veining, and probably more. Why should the consumer bear the cost of spoiled, tampered with, or bad products?

          I wouldn't have hesitated to return the burgers, you did the right thing.

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          1. re: janniecooks

            It sounds like your market has some issues if this was all from one location.......!

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              well, the antsy cereal and the long past sell by salad dressing were from a different store that I've not returned to but the others are from the same establishment and location. And yes, it does have some issues but you can't fault the store for products that scumbags open and leave on the shelf, or cream that has been shaken up, or the blue cheese that wasn't blue (I have bought and still buy the particular brand all the time.)

          2. I returned an unopened bottle of vanilla extract after I discovered two others in my cupboard. My husband thought I was nuts.

            I got a bad batch of clams that smelled so awful, we immediately threw them out. The next morning I took the tag from the mesh bag back to the store and got an no questions asked refund.