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Jul 24, 2002 10:52 PM

laid back eats

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Can anyone suggest a non-touristy area/neighborhood/street where there is a concentration of laid back restaurants to choose from?

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  1. I like Laurier Street a lot. Le Petit Café Byblos and Chez Lévesque are very good. Bernard Street in Outremont is not bad either. Le Petit Italien is a nice little italian.

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      I second that; from Papineau heading West there's a lot of food and food shops: I recommend 'Entretien' a cafe/resto with varied menu and 'Fromentier' a great organic boulangerie/fromagerie (in case you want to picnic in Laurier parc).

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        Thanks! We made it to Byblos, and enjoyed it a lot!

      2. I have to say that as an East ender i may be able to add a little something here. There are LOTS of great eateries out East of Papineau or dare i say St-Laurent street.

        On Masson street a cute place called Potion Magique, ElZazium on Laurier(i think) is a great laid back place, Roberto's on Belanger near Sagard is nice...Le petit Gavroche, french cuisine, nothing pretentious on Jean-Talon and Delorimier.

        Those are all places you will find just walking around. Montreal is a great town for such excursions, i was born and raised here(since moved to NYC) and i have done it many times...So many restaurants in this town its hard to be left with no options!

        Good luck.

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              Hahahahah, i didn't even see the date. Wow.