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Mar 8, 2014 09:10 AM

vegans and vegetarians coming to Kingston!

Where do we eat (within a 20 minute drive)? TIA!

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  1. Garden Cafe on the Green in Woodstock. Outdated Cafe in Kingston, Duo Bistro is very vegan friendly, on John St in uptown Kingston.

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    1. re: MsDiPesto

      Thank you so much! We've been to Garden Cafe--it's outstanding. Haven't been to any of the others; very much looking forward to trying them

    2. Luna 61 in Tivoli. New owners.

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      1. Enjoyed our trip so much that we are getting ready to return. Any new restaurants to consider? BTW, we LOVED Outdated, MsDiPesto :-)

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        1. Herby and I had a lovely brunch on Sunday at Duo Bistro. It's a nice part of town to walk around, too. We had actually set out to meet at Grounded, but found out they were closed for maintenance when we got there. Duo was a great second choice and Outdated would have been fine, too.

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