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Jul 20, 2002 08:29 AM

a week in Montreal with my 17 y.o. son

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I am after some suggestions for interesting eating/eating+music venues. I am bringing my 17 year old to Montreal this autumn. We are staying in the Old Town at the St Sulpice.

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  1. Hi,

    Since I don't know where you are from, I'm not sure what your tastes are like ...

    Firstly, as I have mentioned in other posts, the 'sweet spot' is to go for lunch specials at expensive restaurants around St. Denis. The worst thing you can do is go for breakfast, it's Montreal's weak link. By the standards fine restaurants are held to, Montreal's best breakfast places are expensive with so-so food and slow service. So slow that you are better off making breakfast yourself.

    For a list of good expensive restaurants to visit at lunch cheaply, you can easily browse through this message board.

    IN ADDITION, try Pizza at Amelio's (near McGill University), Poutine at Lafleur's (St. Denis) and Indian Food on Maision Curry Golden on St. Laurent (corner Fairmount, don't confuse with similar nearby Indian place). At the latter, you MUST order nan and (preferably) the butter chicken.

    That should keep your 17 y.o. happy.