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Mar 8, 2014 06:49 AM

Gluten free and Vegan friendly in LA

I am a born and raised person from Manhattan and a huge foodie. I am headed to LA for 5 days with my BF who is a celiac and mostly vegan.
Does anyone know of any great GF and vegan or just GF places in LA (bakeries too)?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. re: Servorg

      Cafe Gratitude hands down! In a cool neighborhood too - Larchmont. Around the corner from the Dr. Phil show....ha
      Also, like the NYC bakery Babycakes located in the same area

      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        +1 for Cafe Gratitude. They also have a Venice location. Was there last night and thought the "Warm Hearted" (polenta, mushrooms, extra for pesto) and the "Ecstatic" (sprouts) were just marvelous. I'd stay away from their version of "pizza," which is more like a sopa. The place is not cheap, though.

        Thought there a vegan bakery in Woodland Hills by the name of "Open Your Heart" or something like that, but the only one I could find is this one:

        I've never been.

        To the OP, you also might want to specify which area of LA you'll be staying in and how far you're willing to travel...

        1. re: ilysla

          How about "Follow Your Heart" on Sherman Way about 2 blocks east of Topanga.
          They have a market/bakery and full cafe with vegan meals. Yummy but a little pricey.

          1. re: ilysla

            concur that their idea of "pizza" (which is really more like a tomato tart made with gluten-free crust) is the weakest dish on their menu.

      2. concur with servorg re: Cafe Gratitude, they are both vegan and organic and almost all of their items are GF.

        and for terrific, incredible but costly vegan, organic Japanese food which iirc is also GF
        SHOJIN (there are two locations)

        be aware, that you will need a reservation for SHOJIN and they do not have signage. i go to the one on washington on the westside.

        there is a low-priced vegetarian indian restaurant that has many vegan options and, if you steer away from the naan, you can get out of there GF, Samosa House on washington near berryman

        there is a gelateria in marina del rey that also serves a number of dairy-free sorbettos: Gelato Lounge on lincoln.
        get the the dark chocolate sorbetto for sure.

        for persian, there is a persian restaurant in the westwood area that has an entire section of their menu for vegetarian dishes, almost all o which are also vegan and GF.
        you will need to stay away from the bread that they will deliver to the table. also, in addition to the stuff on the vegetarian section, almost all of their mezze are also vegan SHAMSHIRI GRILL on westwood blvd.

        if i think of more, i'll add another post. . . .

        1. Hostaria del Piccolo (locations in Santa Monica and Venice) has a number of GF options on the menu, and I would imagine some of them are, or can be made, vegan as well. I haven't actually tried them as I'm a happy gluten eater, but in general I really like the pastas, salads and vegetables; pizzas are just ok, but they do offer a GF crust.

          1. Another for Cafe Gratitude, and also their newest restaurant, Gracias Madre (vegan/GF Mexican). Most pizza places now offer GF, my GF friends like ZPizza. Also check out Real Food Daily, def. vegan, and many GF options. (Not GF, but I LOVE their veggie burger and Ceaser salad). And lastly, Urth Cafe has a lot of GF desserts. Not sure where you are staying, but every pace I mentioned (except Gracias Madre) has an east and west location (well, as east as Hollywood, at least).

            1. Shojin (previously mentioned)

              Azla or Rahel (for Ethiopian)

              Blue Hen (Vietnamese fusion)

              Cruzer Pizza (self-explanatory, right?)

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                i am not positive about whether the injera at rahel is 100% teff or if it contains wheat.