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Oh no! Comtesse Therese Bistro is changing hands.... [North Fork, L.I.]

Drat! That was where I was going to go for our anniversary next month, but I just got an email announcing that Tom Shaudel is taking over the place. No dates mentioned but could even be already. Since it will be named "The Petulant Wino" I am not expecting a 5 star kind of place.

I am bereft.

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    1. re: Elisa515

      North fork of Long Island. One of the top rated places the last few years, gone too soon.

    2. From their website:

      After 3.5 years of fun and enjoyable operations with our great customers and excellent staff, the Bistro is pleased to announce some changes.

      We have decided to lease the space to famed Long Island restaurateur Tom Schaudel, who will create his newest restaurant in the space, to be called The Petulant Wino. The owner of several other restaurants on the North Fork and elsewhere on Long Island, Tom’s newest restaurant is sure to be a welcome addition to the North Fork food and wine scene.

      Comtesse Thérèse wines will still be the featured wine, but Tom plans to add a few other Long Island wines and also have a full liquor license.

      Tom said that he intends to keep most of the Bistro employees.

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      1. re: dixdiner

        But not the chef, for sure. That's what made the place.

      2. Too bad....I never got around to eating there. But I like Schaudel's restaurants, even though he doesn't appear all that popular on CH. Amano is still one of my favorite NF restaurants.

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        1. re: EricMM

          I'm sure he'll have enough customers. It was so unique though.

        2. I too just read that in Newsday yesterday. He is changing the menu to small plates, tapas, gastro-pub'ish.

          1. Not happy to hear this news. I loved Comtesse Therese. Fabulous food, service and a unique ambience. I guess I just didn't go there often enough.
            Shaudel does a good job at his other places but somehow I am not a fan. The operations never seem warm and inviting. Too South Fork, been there and done that. there is a reason I moved to the North Fork from the Hampton$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
            I'll try it if coll tries it. Maybe another NOFO CH Meeting??

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            1. re: Motosport

              Yes, you know it, but not there. I too feel guilty about my infrequent presence. Let's find out where Ari went and follow him like groupies! Even if it's the Suffolk CC cafeteria.

              1. re: coll

                Keep me in mind for a SC Chowhound get together. Once boating season begins.


                1. re: Fred19

                  Will do Fred, it'd be great to see you again!

              2. re: Motosport

                I used to like Coolfish, but after a few sub par plates of miserable oysters and entrees and, finally, candied calamari (just sickening overuse of sugary sweetness, no balance) at one of his other partnerships, I just learned to stay away. There are better choices for less or the same money all over LI.

              3. Chef Arie Pavlou, formerly of Comtesse Therese, is moving to a new restaurant opening in June. It will be named "The Bridgehampton Inn" located on Main St. (NYS 27) across the street from Bobby Van's, perhaps a bit west.

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                1. re: SunriserTheGoose

                  Great news, thanks for letting us know! Is that the same place that the Pumps (Loaves and Fishes) own/owned?

                2. You can count on it getting more accolades than it deserves, though, like his other places.

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                  1. re: mcf

                    He'd be better off doing a TV show, in my opinion. Then you wouldn't actually taste anything!

                      1. re: coll

                        I just finished reading his book "Playing with fire" which was very entertaining. I'm not wowed by his restaurants.

                        1. re: Motosport

                          He spread himself too thin, a long time ago.

                          1. re: coll

                            perhaps so, but his business model allowed for it.
                            his list of past restaurants is long and many names ended with "-fish", besides that the menus didn't always have a focus on fish.
                            although I am not a fan of his food style, I have tried some places he has consulted on, but not owned. it seems his way doesn't always jive with all chefs, or ever.







                            1. re: Gastronomos

                              I did business with him when he was starting out in Syosset and followed him to Montauk for awhile. This is like 20 years ago though. I've eaten in his restaurants recently when he was in the kitchen, didn't seem to make much difference. Things change as the years go by, that much you can count on. He is doing well, and I don't wish him any bad luck, not at all. He's a very nice person.

                              1. re: coll

                                i'm sure he is a nice person. I do not wish him anything other than all the best. maybe we can enjoy a dish that isn't a premeditated ensemble of predictability someday from him. his thoughts into his food really are not for the true Chowhound.
                                Foodies, maybe. Chowhounds, No.

                                I understand that he has to feed droves of people that are clueless about food (read any of his writings) and that means that he can't get too 'chefy' with his offerings or the masses will not buy it. and therein lies the reason to have many, many restaurant ventures and many at the same time. a passionate chef, such as Grant Achatz for example can only please a certain number of people at any one given time. That isn't the business model that pays the bills for most restaurant workers on LI and certainly not Tom Schaudel.

                                1. re: Gastronomos

                                  Nothing wrong with making a little money!

                                  1. re: coll

                                    nothing at all!
                                    and that's like I stated earlier, it's his business model to have many sources of income and not sit in the kitchen and wonder why nobody comes to eat, as some cooks do.....before they shut the doors for good.

                          2. re: Motosport

                            His writing is so much better than his food.

                      2. Follow Chef Ari
                        His food at Bridgehampton Inn is PHENOMENAL
                        Now that high season is over you'll be able to get a reservation
                        Enjoy every morsel
                        His imagination is astonishing
                        Such delicious cuisine