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Mar 8, 2014 04:57 AM


Looking to see if anyone knows of a place that sells grits to make at home. Doing a search turned up a 7 year old thread. If I can't find any, can cornmeal be substituted even though I'll end up with polenta?

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  1. Bob's Red Mill makes grits. I recently saw a bag at Fou d'Ici on Maisonneuve but you can probably find some most places where Red Mill products are sold.

    Grits is coarsed-ground cornmeal, nothing else. As long as you don't use fine or medium grind, you should end up with the expected result.

    1. I thought grits (hominy grits) were nixtamilized which improves nutriment availability.

      In Québec, corn treated this way is called maïs lessivé. Indigenous people up here made a dish called sagamité with it, game and other available ingredients.

      Though perhaps not all grits undergo this process. Indeed the Bob's Red Mill kind just seems to be ground corn.

      1. I picked up some stone-ground white corn meal at Aubut not too long ago.