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Mar 7, 2014 11:16 PM

French Louie - anybody been yet?

Just wanted to know if anyone had been to French Louie yet. It just opened up in Boerum Hill last week, and it seems to be getting some pretty good press on Eater and Gothamist and whatnot. A friend of a friend went to the soft opening and said it was fantastic, but I never trust those things.

Even though it's run by the same people that opened Buttermilk Channel (which is a very good sign), I just wanted to hear some others' opinions before I schlep all the way over there (I live in Bushwick).

Anyone been yet?

Thanks y'all!

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  1. I'm not totally impartial, since I love Buttermilk Channel and am known to the owners and want them to succeed, but we've now had drinks/snacks at the bar at French Louie's a week or two ago and just came home tonight from a full dinner there with some friends. I kid you not when I say that I highly recommend going. Not that they need more business, as both nights we were there, they were packed, so the word's clearly out. Each entree was very well prepared, very tasty and worth the moderate prices. The skate, the chicken and the lamb neck dish ("lamb navarin") are each done creatively, with total success. Check out the profiteroles for dessert… apparently fennel pollen ice cream works with sherry caramel sauce.

    1. We had a different experience. We looked forward to the place because of its connection to Buttermilk Channel. The place was comfortable, the service very good and the food was nicely presented. But we found it rather lacking any taste. If we lived in Bushwick, we would not make the trip here just for French Louis.