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Mar 7, 2014 09:59 PM

Eddie V's

Anyone been to the new Eddie V's at The Headquarters downtown?

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  1. not yet...believe they had their soft opening this past week....looking forward to their jazz bar as well.

    1. We went last night and it was better than I expected. Huge wine list, limited beers. Started with the crab chowder and green salad. The soup was excellent. The lettuce in the salad was very fresh but still a little plain. Took the hostess' advice and my guy got the scallops and I got the ahi. I expected the servings to be small since the place is a little pricey and fancy but we barely finished our plates! All of the staff was very attentive, the manager came over a couple of times to check on us. The ambiance was great- it's a beautiful place. Bring cash for the valet $15 (there's no ATM even though the directory says there is) I would definitely go back- even if just to try the dessert (banana foster, creme brûlée, butterscotch pot de creme) we were too full to get! Perused the happy hour menu and it seems worth coming back for, too.