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Need to wash off chicken pieces before cooking?

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I purchased boneless skinless organic chicken thighs. Do I need to wash each individually before tossing in the pan? (Years ago I used to do that just to clean them). Then I thought: these are raw dead chicken pieces: how clean can they be? That's why we cook them, to kill the germs. Now I just toss the package in the pan and cook. Is that ok?


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  1. No. You'll just spread the bacteria.

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      No and yes on the spread of bacteria.

      1. Do not wash. Just cook.

        1. The USDA/Food Safety & Inspectin Service recommends against it. Washing cannot remove the potentially harmful bacteria. Only proper cooking can.

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              Thanks everyone!

              And thanks Janniecooks. Funny: an idea pops into my head and for some crazy reason, I think I'm the only to ever have thought to ask it!


            2. Agree with everyone. And your plan to dump the package directly in the pan is brilliant, being careful not to let raw chicken juice drip anywhere in your kitchen.