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Mar 7, 2014 08:35 PM

BBQ Hut at 6400 Shattuck. [Oakland]

Between Smokey J's and the Brick Pig's House. Anyone tried the newcomer? Any comparisons?

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  1. I went to the BBQ Hut last weekend, tried the ribs, brisket, potato salad, greens & beans. The ribs were baby back, I prefer St. Louis and wish it would have said baby back somewhere, to be fair I didn't ask. They were the best baby back ribs I've had, nice smokiness, tender meat. The brisket was delicious, again so tender and nicely smoked, great bark on some pieces. There were large chunks of fat in it, but it's not meant to be diet food. The potato salad was surprising, orange colored, don't know why, garlicy, a little spicy. Good to me, and I don't usually like potato salad. The beans were sweet with a coffee flavor, very thin liquid, nice overall flavor though. The greens were the least interesting side, just basic collards. The sauces were okay, somewhat thin, I didn't use much of it.

    Overall I really enjoyed the meal, and it's walking distance for me so I know I'll be going back. I've never been to the Brick Pig's house, my SO has been and was not impressed. He said it was not smoked meat, just heavily sauced. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Brick Pig's house, maybe my SO went on an off day.

    Regarding Smokey J's, loved it when it opened but feel like it's gone downhill since then. I was disappointed when they stopped offering the rib tips and the last time I went the brisket had no noticeable smoke flavor. I've probably been 4 or 5 times and found it very inconsistent. Their sauces are excellent, but I don't eat BBQ for the sauce. I'd like to give them another shot for their burnt ends but I think they only have them one day a week and I haven't made that happen yet.

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      I like Smoky J's whole chicken -- the meat, not so much. Thanks for the report on the BBQ Hut. Have passed by a few times and wondered about it.

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        Thank you. Went to Brick Pig's House way back and haven't gone again. All I remember is how friendly they were but i guess it wasn't enough. I remember liking J's brisket but again it was just after opening. Mostly I now make my own, no smoke but spicy rub brisket and pork meat with bones.

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          I was walking by and went in to see what they had. That day it was only ribs, sausage, and chicken. I asked what kind of ribs, the guy said baby backs, I said no thanks, he gave me one to try. Good flavor but not spare ribs.

          I'll have to go back and check out the brisket.

        2. Brisket, smokey and moist with good fat. Rib same without the fat. Both barky. My potato salad expert liked hers after I added some chopped homemade pickles. Beans good but a little sweet. Brisket best in quite a while. Thank you again Rosie

          1. I've been here three times now. Really enjoying it. The smoking is skillful and strong, but with a finesse and cleanness that is lacking at smokey j's lately and certainly at Everett and jones Berkeley. It tastes "clean" to me but not in the way that a place like Smoke does.

            Brisket well chosen and fatty enough- it makes a difference. I curse the preference for lean that afflicts so many of the places here in CA. Baby back ribs, yes, but smoked to toothsome, not falling off. Was impressed by the mahogany effect combined with just salt and pepper. Links were good, semi coarse. I still prefer KC BBQ for those.

            Chicken and rice Boudin, a special , was delicious.

            Sauce was very good, fresh tasting vinegar and tomato base in mild or spicy. Spicy not as hot as smokey j's spicy. Tarter than KC BBQ.

            Potato sale to me could have used more pickle or acidity. Not my fave. Standard southern "chunky mash" style but with some BBQ rub in it. Collards were plain vinegar cooked, but good in that context. Beans not my fave, but would order each time as a side.

            Beer and wine.

            I've noted in other BBQ threads that I've become a Texas partisan but this place works for me too.

            1. DISCLAIMER: I am not a connoisseur of BBQ; I eat it only a few times a year. But this was very pleasing.
              I got the rib "sandwich" minus the bread, with a side of greens, for $10.75.

              The ribs were tender and meaty. I tried both the "mild" and "hot" sauces; I preferred the "hot". The greens were flavorful but the juice was very salty.

              It's a short distance from my house, and a huge improvement over the seedy liquor store that preceded it in this location (corner of Shattuck and Alcatraz). The young staff were cheerful and efficient -- quite a change from the people at Flint's (a few blocks away, closed now).

              They had a sign up "no Brisket today" but it looked like the sign might have been there a while. I guess you could call to check: (510) 285-6628
              Closed Mondays.

              1. Babyback ribs are nothing but hard little bones with no meat on them.

                I never understood the appeal.

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                  Each time I've gotten them they are large baby back, decent amount of meat compared to say a chain parboiled baby back. Most of the bones more like a smaller St. Louis cut.

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                    The item I received ("rib sandwich") consisted of three pieces, each about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. They were very meaty.