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Mar 7, 2014 08:08 PM

Please somebody straighten me out about "New Grand Mart"

Grand Mart at 7 Corners today - a bit of cleaning up makes it (I guess) "New Grand Mart". Last time I went I had to look hard for my first reason for going there - kimchi. And this time, no kimchi at all. At least they still had Choco Pies.

If I fully understood the employees I asked, there wasn't any kimchi and there never would be any more. At a Korean market.


Can anyone enlighten me?

And where is the nearest place I can get decent fresh kimchi?

I'd hate to have to go to SuperH in Fairfax ... on the other hand, as a not-very-mobile handicapped guy, at least I can get into SuperH by myself, whereas I need help getting into Grand Mart.

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  1. New ownership. Less selection and a general dumbing down of that selection. Worse service. The produce has gone from OK to rank.

    I'll take the old Grand Mart any day.

    1. I don't know where exactly you are, wayne, but FreshWorld, in Springfield off Backlick right inside the Beltway, has fresh kimchi and just about everything else in the world you could possibly desire. Not sure about Choco Pies, however. The place is large and handicap accessible although very crowded on weekends.

      1. I'm also not sure where your starting point is, but there are also H Marts in Merrifield and in Annandale.

        I've never been to the one in Annandale, but the one in Merrifield is pretty good. They definitely have both kimchee and choco pies.

        1. Had no idea of the change, only saw the sign. I can also recommend you try Lotte in Merrifield, Gallows Rd. just north of Rt. 50.

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            That's not Lotte, it's Great Wall. Chinese, not Korean.

            1. re: Steve

              H Mart is up the street on corner of Lee Highway and Gallows. Nearest Lotte is in Fairfax off Fairfax Circle.