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Mar 7, 2014 07:41 PM

Where do you go for your favorite cheesecake?

Any style, NY, Italian, ricotta, whatever.

I just tried the Limencello Cheesecake from Cucina Cara Mia in Encinita.

A bit tart, not too sweet, and a really nice silky smooth texture.

That's me.

Where do you go for cheesecake?

(And by the way, Vesper Vineyards is a nice little spot to visit if you're up in the area.)

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  1. Do you consider cheesecake to be a type of pie?

    Just curious.

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    1. re: DoctorChow

      No, I don't consider it a type of pie.

      I consider it pie that's been misnamed "cake".

    2. Junior's for a NY style cheesecake in Brooklyn. Haven't found much better. I also enjoy a good Italian ricotta pie, haven't found anything around here, any recs?

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      1. re: cstr

        +1 on Juniors ( marble cheesecake rules).... Linda's Whistle Stop (Oceanside, NY) good ever used to be a place called Custom Bakers in Island Park, NY--closed shop years ago but they had THE best cheesecake I have ever had along with chocolate layer cake, neselrode pie and lemon merengue pie. The children still have the recipes but refuse to sell and have no interest in pursuing the business.

      2. Shhh on Vesper Vineyard. They really have good wines but the tasting room is kinda weird. I really don't know if they can handle bigger crowds that their wines deserve. Went up to Temecula a couple of weeks ago, and hit Vesper on the way home. They were the winery highlight of the weekend.