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Mar 7, 2014 04:58 PM

Rosle Adjustable Slicer

I'm looking to purchase one of these:

And have two questions:

1) I heard that the newer made-in-China Rosle's are of inferior quality to those of a year ago which were made in Germany, so if possible, I'd like to find and buy the latter. How would I know where they were made, though? Is the country of origin stamped on the product itself? If so, where? As I'd like to ask the seller before I make the purchase.

2) Looks and length aside, does anyone know if there are any differences between the two models above?

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  1. Search on eBay - if the seller's pictures don't show a Made in stamp, e-mail and ask.

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      1. re: greygarious

        No need to apologize. All comments are welcome. :)

        I've owned a plastic mandoline before, and though some of them are adjustable, the blades aren't replaceable. So in time, I'll eventually buy a whole new unit, and repeat the process after that blade wears out.

        With the Rosle, not only were the German-made slicers (from what I've read) of impeccable quality, but the blades are actually exchangeable. For "only" $30 extra bucks, it sounds worth it to me.

      2. I know this isn't what you asked so I apologize. But whew that seems like a lot of money. I got this OXO madoline for WAY less and it works great.