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Mar 7, 2014 04:15 PM

McD's for Filet-o-Fish Fridays in LA [moved from Los Angeles board]

I'm guessing then have a special for Lent at McD's in LA of a $1.59 per Filet o Fish, which usually is priced at about double that amount. But only on Fridays, hence the proverbial tie-in to Lent.

Anyhow, I wavered and then ultimately caved in.

And I did what any non-self-respecting hound would do and ordered up four of them.

The final verdict on the merits:

Disgusting, and I mean disgustingly delicious.

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  1. If you get a FoF combo, you can double down on FoF for a dollar.

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    1. re: ns1

      I did not know that.

      but then I'd have to throw out the fries, right ????

    2. OMG, Kevin, you're hopeless....!

      What happened to Shunji's????

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        gotta eat at McD M-F in order to afford spiny lobster @ Shunji's

        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

          Someone else told me that the bar seating was packed today already. :(

          1. re: kevin

            You could say it was me :-) and that's what I was told on Thursday when I tried to make a res. at the bar.

        2. Do NOT forget to follow that sh*t up with a Shamrock shake.

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          1. re: J.L.

            I find those to be too sweet. Maybe 86 the whipped cream?

            1. Filet-O-Fish?

              Never heard of such a thing ...

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                Really, I heard that you bested Kevin's 4.

                1. I look forward to this every year. It's about the only time I'll order a FoF, a Micky D comfort food harking back to Sunday postchurch meals at an American "restaurant".