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Jul 15, 2002 01:55 AM


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My wife & I are taking a Vacation to Montreal & Quebec city next week. We are staying at The Bonaparte. How is the food there?

Any other restaurant suggestions for Quebec City?

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  1. I had great luck with Bonaparte, and need to go back. I had one of their long tasting menus, and everything on it was well executed. Standouts in my mind were the scallops in vanilla sauce, the nice little desert sample plate, and the excellent wine suggestions made by our waiter.

    It is very traditional haute french, you might want to also try a bistro (l'express, au petit extra) or, if your budget allows, some of the more innovative places like Toque or La Chronique.


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      We loved Bonaparte, it was one of our favorite meals in Montreal. I agree on the waiter's wine suggestions. And while the meal was not cheap, I found it very reasonable for the quality of food served.