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Mar 7, 2014 02:04 PM

Gas Cooktop Surfaces

Trying to choose between stainless steel or black porcelain gas cooktop. Any recommendations with Indian cooking (lots of sautéing)? Is oil splatter harder to clean on one type over the other?

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  1. I can't speak specifically to Indian cooking, but I do a lot of sauté and my cooktop is normally a splattered mess.

    I like brushed stainless, preferring it over all other finishes. It cleans as easily as anything else, doesn't show fingerprints, and scrubbing won't leave it looking ugly. Fume free oven cleaner was one of my secret weapons. For quick scrubs, an SOS pad worked wonders. And didn't damage it.

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    1. re: DuffyH

      No, no, no, don't use oven cleaner on the top of the range! It won't hurt the porcelain or stainless, but it WILL corrode the burners.

      Ask me how I know, and how much that little experiment cost me!!

      1. re: sparrowgrass

        I sprayed it onto a sponge and wiped the cooktop with it. Never touched my burners.

    2. We have a shiny black gas cooktop in our new home. As much as people complain about SS (we had one in our last place) being a PITA to keep clean, this one is worse

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        Polished SS is indeed a PITA. We rented a house with a big open burner pro-style range in high polish SS. I hated everything about it, except the way it cooked. But did it cook appreciably better than my GE Profile with brushed SS? Nope. I would never buy it.

      2. Polished anything is a pain. We have brushed stainless, which wipes down with minimal effort, and doesn't show every little smudge and fingerprint.

          1. I've got a shiny SS Bosch cooktop, and to be blunt the stainless is one of the only two things I like about it, the other being the continuous surface across the three grates. It's easy to keep shiny enough (a thing I am not really concerned about) with a bit of work every few days with 409 and paper towels, and if I've let it get really grungy the every-other-Wednesday housekeeper gets it all snazzy again. There are some abraded areas visible, but nothing that bothers us at all. I would happily get another with the same surface, just not the same maker.

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            1. re: Will Owen

              I do admit, a housekeeper makes a world of difference. With my induction range, I give it a quick wipe, knowing it'll get a thorough cleaning twice a month. I was the sole cleaner of my two SS ranges. That's where brushed made all the difference.