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Mar 7, 2014 12:15 PM

Rounding out a vegan, gluten free dinner party

I'm having a gathering for guests with mixed dietary needs, and am just going vegan and gluten free to include everyone in all the of the dishes. I'm thinking of making a kale salad with avocado, apple, pomegranate seeds, and pistachio nuts, and a cauliflower/Jerusalem artichoke soup. Does anyone have any ideas for a third dish that would elegantly round out the meal?
Dessert suggestions are welcome, too!

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  1. I'd go for a vegan panna cotta with the fruity accent of your choice for dessert.

    1. You have soup and salad but without something a bit more hearty it may feel like a lunch, especially since you are serving the soup without bread, I would look to add a protein - something "meaty" I am thinking quinoa for protein and something like mushroom or eggplant that gives the umami of meat - maybe a loaf of some kind - something like this

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        I'm hardly an expert in vegan cooking, but I agree with JTPhilly - you need something substantial for your third course. A mushroom pot pie with a gluten free crust, perhaps, or a grilled/fried tofu steak with some type of savory sauce - ratatouille?

      2. My niece just made the black and white cookies from Veganomicom cook book for a party and swears they were amazing. She's in a different state so I didn't get to try them. :(

        The same cookbook has an amazing eggplant and potato moussaka with pine nut cream that is so wonderful. The pine nut cream is a really unique touch. It would be hearty and elegant addition after the soup. It does call for panko but you could easily skip or use any GF alternative you like.

        I couldn't find the cookie recipe on line but the moussaka is availalable at

        1. Soup, salad and - why make this difficult? Serve a gluten free bread. The Red Mill gluten free mixes are simple and good.

          Maybe a pear frangipane tart for dessert. There are vegan, gluten free versions of both crust and frangipane.

          A simple, classic bread/soup/salad meal followed by a spectacular-looking, make-ahead dessert.

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            Perhaps I'm atypical, but I would be seriously unsatisfied with just a salad, vegetable soup and bread. There's not a speck of protein to be found in that meal. I'd either be asleep or starving (or both) from the carb crash in an hour.

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              Point taken. I do a lot of vegan/veggie meals; and protein can come with dessert, as here. Either pureed or whole cannellini beans would make that a hearty soup.

              But if the OP wants a soup - main - dessert menu, I would suggest serving Deborah Madison's green/French lentil recipe over rice alongside the kale salad.

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                I'm not one to obsess about protein in every meal. That said, there is protein in the kale, nuts and sunchokes.

            2. Bake butternut squash with wild rice, dried currants, chopped walnuts, sage, whatever else tickles your fancy. Top with vegan mushroom gravy.