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Mar 7, 2014 11:45 AM

Anyone tried St Cecilia?

Any reviews? Thoughts?

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  1. I've got a booking there on Wednesday, and will provide feedback by the end of the week.

    1. i'm known for lengthy, often over complicated prose ... with that said: meh

      1. We at dinner there Sunday night. It was very much an older Buckhead crowd. I felt like there was a lot of Botox in the 30 feet or so around where we were sitting. I'm not sure that the one ironically-mustached server made up for that in terms of hipness.

        The setting is certainly nice. I think there must be a distressed wood quota in any new restaurant buildout these days.

        We had a mix of small plates and pastas and didn't hit the entrees at all. That made it a more-reasonable meal, but it still was in the semi-special-occasion price range for us.

        The hamachi crudo was tasty with simple, fresh flavors. Very much like something from an omakase menu. I'm a big fan of sunchokes since growing them as a kid. The artichoke and burrata was really great with an intense lemon flavor in the dressing. We'd asked about getting a couple of items with vegetables to balance the meal. But there wasn't much arugula with the burrata (a quibble), and of course the darn brussel sprouts were fried. Definitely not what we were going for, but still tasty.

        For pastas, we had the agnolotti and the capelleti. No complaints about either, and ended up getting more focaccia to wipe up the meaty sauce from the agnolotti (even that was a tough choice b/c the house-made ricotta with the bread was very good also). They are pretty small plates for the price.

        I forget the exact dessert we had (it's not on the menu, looking just now), but it was an underwhelming undermoist chocolate cake with cookie crumbles experience. Nothing I'd do again.

        Overall, it was a good experience and I would go back. I'd probably rather go to No. 246 for the Italian menu at a little better value point, and I'd give up the seafood to do that.