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Mar 7, 2014 11:22 AM

Philadelphia Museum of Art -Close by favorites?

We just learned from Granite Hill that tonight is all vegetarian. Good for one party member and fine for a second but leaving two others as unsure. The question is can anyone recommend a close-as-possible favorite restaurant? Perhaps not requiring a drive but just a brisk walk?

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  1. Waterworks certainly is the closest.

    1. Take the free museum shuttle and get off at the Rodin Museum. Behind the Barnes is Pizzeria Vetri. Decent pizzas and rotolos albeit loud and crowded.

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        I would expect quite a wait there this evening.

        Maybe La Calaca Feliz? I'd book ahead.

      2. Just a few blocks away is Figs. I haven't been in ages, but I remember really liking it. It is a BYOB though. Morroccan influenced.

        1. Thanks very much. The other two in the party gave an ok to the vegetarian so we kept the reservation at the Hill. It was good not great, service was fair. Generally liked the place and would try it again. Obviously very convenient if at the PMA. Thanks again