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Mar 7, 2014 10:30 AM

Bindia dishes? Located near St Lawrence market

Has anyone tried the jumbo prawn, lobster tail or lamb dishes at Bindia restaurant? Any thoughts of this restaurant? I will go this weekend with out of town guests who are staying downtown.

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  1. I went once about two months ago based on a client's recommendation. Service was odd and the girl looking after me was clearly nervous. She managed to have me in and out of there in just over 30 min and I had three courses with a beer. This would have been great if I was in a rush, but I made no such request. It was a case of me holding a pakora in my hand while she cleared the app plate and switched it with the main course plate. Or dessert arriving while I still had half a beer.
    The pakoras were dense and heavy. The lamb was listed as coming with lentils but instead came with a plain jane salad. The lamb itself had good flavour but the outside edge was mushy. Dessert was one of those fresh cheese dumpling, which was fine.
    Food was nothing special, service was odd, and prices, if I remember correctly, were slightly higher, so that explains why I haven't been back. Maybe I was there on an off night and I don't think there are any other Indian restaurants in the area. I would rather go to Sukhothai to get my curry on.

    1. We tried this place a couple months ago, not long after it opened. It's part of the beautiful new little "restaurant row" on Market St but I don't think many people have discovered that strip yet. That should change this summer when the tourist hordes descend.

      We picked up food to go, so I can't really judge the table service. The people we dealt with seemed helpful enough. The decor inside is very nice, a bit of that slightly formal vibe most Indian restaurants seem to have, but with a few modern touches.

      The butter chicken, biryani rice and pakoras were quite tasty, and we enjoyed them all. However we also got some sort of vegetable curry that wasn't at all what we were expecting. Perhaps we ordered wrong but it was kind of thin and bland and had little cubes of vegetables like peas and carrots in it. Wouldn't order that particular dish again. Maybe the seafood options are more interesting but my wife is allergic to shellfish and we played it safe.

      The biggest knock was that the prices seemed to be on the higher side for what you get, and we used a coupon, too. There are a lot of places in the area where the two of us could eat in for the same price or less including a couple beers.

      All in all it was fine, and it's good to have an Indian option in the neighbourhood, but we haven't felt a need to rush back.