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Mar 7, 2014 09:56 AM

Austin Meetup

OK it's about gdam time that we get together again. I want everyone there the week after next. And I mean everyone. Sqrtstz, I can come get you and take you back if the bus is an issue. I am flexible on the night. Here are my two options:

*Voss Fish and Grill - I just got back from Bangladesh, and I haven't been to this restaurant. We will not use utensils, but we will eat with our right hand as the Bengalis do. We will have to be patient with the service and meals coming out one at a time.

*Saps (Burnet/Koenig) - I might be able to conjure up a special menu here if I can get ahold of Sap. Plenty of room, as I don't see many cars during dinnertime.

*Misung 888 - last Austin CH meetup was there, but there were only four and I didn't get to try everything. Here's a recap of that night from our dear lost Nab

*Anywhere else that people want to go. I know, that's four options.

Let's target Thursday to have a target date week after next. I want to order a bunch of meals and share food with people who love food.

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  1. Can we make it on the early side? I have to get up well before dawn. Any of the three would be fine with me. Wednesday might be an easier sell to the husband (as he works later on Tue/Thr).

    I'd love to go someplace where y'all can show me what to order "off American menu," as I'm sure I'm missing wonderfulness.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      earlyish is fine with me, we could make it at 6:45 or 7 if that's early enough for you. Let's say Wednesday then.

        1. re: girloftheworld

          Hells Yes! I'd love to meet someone so very experienced! You put me to shame.

          6:45 is about the end of my time, but don't change everyone else for me. Maybe we can do a Wednesday lunch sometime in lieu of y'all having to deal with my specifics. Melvin's comes to mind as the weather gets more spring-like, or Noble Pig.

    2. I'd love to come, though it depends if I can get my kids' Mom to haul them to their activities, Any of the choices sound good to me

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      1. re: TroyTempest

        Bring the damn kids, AmySue will appreciate it. She loves kids.

        1. re: rudeboy

          Right. I remember that about her :-)

          They really aren't kids anymore, more like teenagers, but non-driving teenagers. The problem is in the evenings if it is my day to drive them to their after school activities then i'm pretty much out of pocket.
          TMI, I know.

          1. re: TroyTempest

            No worries on the kids, guys. I WAS a preschool teacher for 25 kids between 18 months and 3 years. I did that for almost 5 years, so it's not that I don't like kids. It's the parents of "free rangers" that get me (as I was also a waitress and know what a hazard they can be).

      2. I can make it if on a Thursday.

        I'll throw Szechuan House in to the mix and if we want to Splurge a bit, Soto.

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        1. re: lixlix

          I read on yelp that they changed owners at SH and now it sucks. Have you been in a while?

          1. re: slowcoooked

            I was at SH as recently as 8 Feb, and the owners and food were definitely the same. I was quite satisfied. The older gentleman did seem rather depressed; it's never near crowded, so they could be hurting...

            1. re: lodermulch

              good to know. perhaps an errant yelper.

        2. whats up with the ridiculous north side bias?! you gotta have some love for the south side!

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          1. re: chrisdds98

            Yes, there's a bias because I live in the new south Austin off of Burnet Rd. I have time and can travel anywhere for an epic dinner, so throw out a suggestion.

            Also, one important person wants Wednesday and another important person wants Thursday. I'm not sure how to work that out. Szechuan House is in the mix, though....even if it is in S Dallas.

            1. re: rudeboy

              May I also throw out a weekend lunch. That way, I'm completely open to the entire town. I've wanted to try Elizabeth Cafe and there's Mettle, Evangaline, and countless food trucks....

              1. re: amysuehere

                I am rarely too busy to meet up on a weekend lunch - so count me in for that idea too. We usually explore for saturday lunches places we've yet to try anyway. matter of fact, we're headed to brunch at Full English off Manchaca to try their breakfast banger plates, pasties, and london fog.

                1. re: slowcoooked

                  hubs would be waaaay easier to convince for Saturday lunch, and gives us more "roaming power" but that does make for fewer choices.

                2. re: amysuehere

                  A Saturday lunch would be awesome.

                  If we're thinking about central Austin, I would like to throw in The Hightower and Licha Cantina in to the mix.

                  Licha Cantina is run by the former GM at Mettle and I think its damn good for upscale mexican without the upscale price.

                  1. re: lixlix

                    Hightower is doing a trial lunch for SXSW but other than that it is dinner only. We hope to try it tomorrow for lunch.

                    I could possibly make a weekend lunch. Not that jazzed by Voss unless we get a special menu (I did see they had goat brains curry on the buffet line 2 weeks ago)

                    I'll throw out Biryani Pot as their menu still has much exploring despite having been there 8 times.

                    1. re: Carter B.

                      I had the andras style fish app there last night along with the eggplant dish and she got the navarathan korma. always so good. The eggplant has ground peanuts in the curry - a very nice touch. but the fish stole the show. Having been several times now as well, this may be the best indian going in town right now.

                    2. re: lixlix

                      That sounds like a good option, too. We will decide on Wednesday where to go.

                  2. re: rudeboy

                    i am not "important" but if yall decide lunch can it be a week-end?

                    1. re: girloftheworld

                      Girl, you are of the world, and, as such, very important. We could definitely do a Saturday.

                3. I'll show up if it ends up on Wednesday and like the Voss idea, but am game for whatever.

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                  1. re: slowcoooked

                    Voss is someplace I'd like as well, as I wouldn't know what to order and the price for failure is pretty high.