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Mar 7, 2014 08:56 AM

Marriot Marquis atrium bar closed?

A group of friends are coming into NYC to see Prairie Home Companion at the Town Hall Theater in April. We had made plans to meet at the Atrium Bar at the Marriot Marquis before the show. I just saw something on yelp which says that the bar is closed? Any info would be very welcome. If it is closed, where else could 10 of us meet?

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  1. If you mean the bar on the 8th Floor, everything was open Monday night when I was there and had a $21.00 martini while waiting for a friend.

    1. Lantern's keep for great cocktails a few blocks away inside the iriquois hotel. They take reservations. Max reservation size is five, so just make two res.
      drinks are also closer to $15

      1. Thanks for the info about the 8th floor bar. I was hoping for a view of Times Square--don't know if that provides a good view?