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Mar 7, 2014 08:42 AM

American Original Cheeses

I just read ( about types of cheese I had never before heard of: "Adelegger to Zimbro"

Does anyone know of stores in the San Francisco South Bay or I680 corridor or Sacramento that carries these niche cheeses?

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  1. Not just the Americans, I've seen at least half those cheeses in the slideshow in shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. And probably more than that are available. So what that tells us is that the cheese distributors in Northern California have access to those products and can make them available to local retailers. I am not familiar though with shops in the geography you've specified.

    I would suggest that you query for local cheese shops on the relevant regional boards. That's where the people who live in the area will be more likely to see them. And if you broaden the area you're willing to consider shopping, I will post to your new topic where I've seen the cheeses.

    Think of this board as the place to talk about cheese as a product that everyone can share regardless of where they are located. This Cheese forum is also the place to discuss mail order/internet sources.

    And since you're in the Sacramento area, you'll want to keep an eye out for the American Cheese Society conference coming to town this summer. The seminars are geared to those in the trade. But you can buy tickets to the grand tasting that will include 1500+ cheeses.

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      Thanks for the advice, Melanie. I'll post in the appropriate geographical forum(s).

    2. Have tried 13 of the 50 from cheese shops in CT. I know that's not much help to you in CA, but it does indicate that some have national distribution.

      I was amused to see that the last one on the list was Mimolette, and I had just bought a slab of La Brique du Nord, a Belgian substitute for that cheese whose importation was blocked.

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        Amusing , I have promised my Mimolette to a party this Sunday afternoon. I hope it's decent, I have never had it. Resembles aged Gouda, I hope it is just as good.

        1. re: Veggo

          Very tasty, but not for the dentally challenged! VERY firm texture. Paired nicely with a few Belgian Chimays and other goodies, followed by Scubadoo97's homemade pastrami. Quite a feast!

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            Mimolette should be sold with a hacksaw!