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Mar 7, 2014 08:21 AM

Mountain Bird

Always interesting when a much talked about restaurant gets no coverage on Chowhound. I happened to go last weekend and wanted to share some thoughts.

Overall, an enjoyable meal but I'd be hard-pressed to call it destination-worthy...especially considering the location. You do get the sense that you are an outsider going to this restaurant as there's nothing else like it on the block let alone the neighborhood. I'm making the assumption that the clientele is 95% not from the area. During our meal, a homeless woman barged into the restaurant and asked patrons for money. The waitress did her best to throw her out and make light of the situation but it was awkward. It did remind me of going to restaurants in Red Hook back in the day which was slightly nice and nostalgic.

The waitress is the chef's wife and is super sweet. The 19 tables were not full at 8pm on a Saturday night despite all of the press that I've seen. I'd say it was always 70% full. She's definitely stretched thin and we waited a little bit for things but she means well and overall, I'd say it was not a huge issue.

Foodwise, the consomme with foie gras dumplings was delicious and probably the most unique. Imagine the best wonton soup with foie gras inside and you're pretty much there. Scallop appetizer was good overall though nothing memorable. Just a perfectly cooked scallop in a vegetable medley with foam.

The schnitzel was excellent. I love schnitzel though I have a hard time accepting it as high end cuisine when I go to Wallse or places like that. It was expertly fried. The duck duo was done well but once again, not particularly memorable. The breast was cut too thinly for my taste and the huckleberry sauce wasn't for me. The confit leg was better.

Lastly, the sticky toffee cake with fig was delicious. It was pre-made and would've been nice if it was served warm but it was good.

Corkage of $20 though their wine list wasn't bad at all.

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  1. This mostly jibes with my experience, except I think it's definitely worth the trek uptown for Manhattanites. Very few places doing this style and caliber of bistro fare at such a low price point. Don't miss the cassoulet or the snout-to-tail starter plate.

    1. I've been skeptical about the buzz on this place. When out of the way places get a groundswell of popularity, Eater and all the rest aren't usually breaking the news. It's usually more like Diner in Brooklyn, where it was a complete secret in the shadow of Lugers, while they developed a strong following that wasn't dependent on marketing to make it destination worthy. Mountain Bird just sounded almost too good to be true, but I'm still eager to check it out.

      Have you had the schnitzel at Edie and the Wolf?

      1. I don't follow all the foodie news so heard about this place through this CH post. Since my DS doesn't live that far away, I thought good excuse for a dinner destination. Really liked this place. They try hard in an earnest way, pump and butter was outstanding. Wine list small but nice. Better than the usual bistro fare for sure. Chicken 2 ways was yummy. Didn't love the cassoulet. Shared the fig cake for dessert on the recommendation here and was not disappointed, especially at 5 bucks. Certainly the best option in that neighborhood and maybe even a destination.
        I hope they make it.
        Thanks CH for the tip.