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Mar 7, 2014 08:17 AM

Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie area local restaurants?

Following college son's baseball team to Ft Pierce next week. Any recommendations for great local food? Traveling from frigid Pennsylvania, fresh seafood would be wonderful. Also, planning on taking a carload of the boys out to dinner a night or two as well. any ideas for hungry 19-20 year olds ( who also have discerning palates)? Can't wait to see sunshine and eat great!

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  1. For seafood, the 12A Buoy is tops:

    Reservations are not accepted, but it's always worth the wait.

    The boys would enjoy The Tiki Bar: The food at Tiki is not bad, but 12A Buoy has the best seafood in the area, by a long shot.

    Dale's BBQ is very popular with the locals:

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    1. re: MrsPatmore

      I ate lunch at the Tiki Bar the other day. The food was very good, but 2 small to medium fish tacos with a side of beans and rice and iced tea was $17.50 before tip.

      Dale's BBQ is mediocre at best.

      Whatever you do, just stay to the east side of US-1. Ft. Pierce is a pretty rough place overall

      1. re: sarge

        Oh boy, thanks for that advise.
        Any recommendations for Port St Lucie?

        1. re: mangia mama

          Sure there are parts of Fort Pierce that are rough, but that's true pretty much everywhere. Just use good common sense and you'll be fine.

          There are some threads about PSL dining, here's one:

          There's a new Vietnamese place in PSL that I adore, if you're interested in that type of food. It's called Pho Now, on US #1 in the shopping center next to Kaiser University (just south of Saint Lucie Medical Center).

          1. re: mangia mama

            Not really. There are a few PSL threads and if you review them, you'll see there's not much of interest.

          2. re: sarge

            Sarge, not looking to fight with you, but I've lived in this area for more than 20 years and I've never met a local that disliked Dale's BBQ. I'm not a meat-eater, so Dale's isn't my cup of tea. But it is extremely popular in Fort Pierce. Do you have any recommendations for the OP?

            1. re: MrsPatmore

              Advise. Go to Jensen Beach or Stuart.

              I have lived in the area for 14 years. I avoid Ft. Pierce like the plague.

              I find that most people choose their BBQ by the way the building looks. Dale's is a classic BBQ building with mediocre BBQ

        2. For Florida fare (alligator, swamp cabbage, frog legs, etc) in an Old Florida setting, Marsh Landing in Fellsmere is about 20-30 minutes from Fort Pierce:

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          1. re: MrsPatmore

            Thank you for your recommendations. This is a great start.

            1. re: mangia mama

              Also for seafood, The Ramp has good food (not as quite as good or reliable as the 12A Buoy, IMHO) but it's an authentic hole in the wall, i.e., grungy. Probably the cheapest place you'll find that uses fresh local seafood and you'll find generous portions (which may be a consideration if you're traveling with teen boys). Lots of locals go there. My personal objection to eating at The Ramp is that the ladies' room is never clean. However, your companions may not care about such amenities. I hope you have a wonderful trip. The weather here is just perfect now.

          2. Lastly, mangia mama, there's a decent farmers market, downtown on the waterfront (near Tiki Bar), every Saturday morning from 8 am to noon. Be sure to pick up some smoked fish dip (called Smak around here) and eat with saltines!

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            1. re: MrsPatmore

              Flying down this afternoon , and leaving Friday evening. Sadly, will miss the farmer's market...

            2. Thank you to Mrs Patmore and Sarge for rec's ! Just returned from Ft Pierce after enjoying the local food suggested by you.
              Tiki Bar- food and service were very good. Boys were in Tiki Heaven! Gorgeous sunset over the marina was a bonus.
              12A Buoy- Great seafood! The lobster mac n cheese was as good as promised- but waitress forgot to turn order in- and rec'd after entrée...
              Chuck's Seafood on Hutchinson Island- Great seafood and service!
              Carmella's in Stuart- Thank goodness food and service were excellent since sat on Fla turnpike for an hour since closed for wildfire that evening! The hostess couldn't have been nicer- taking us outside to redirect us back to Ft Pierce, after a wonderful dinner. They also had a really nice wine list- which was greatly appreciated after that drive there!!!
              Sarge- thanks for concern re safety in Ft Pierce. We had no problems. But the heads up was appreciated.

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              1. re: mangia mama

                Hi and thanks Mangia Mama for the feedback! I'm glad that you had (overall) a good trip - sorry about the turnpike. :( That happens here from time to time.

                I have to laugh about this: "12A Buoy- Great seafood! The lobster mac n cheese was as good as promised- but waitress forgot to turn order in- and rec'd after entrée..."

                I'm originally from the Northeast and when I first moved here, stuff like that annoyed me to no end. Either I've lived here too long or "the heat has thinned my blood" (LOL) because that no longer strikes me as odd!! I've grown to expect that type of thing! I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip.

              2. We are traveling back Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie area in 2 weeks to follow my son's college baseball team. Chowhounds had great suggestions last spring for dining options for my family and some of the team. The boys loved dining near the beach or water. The Tiki Bar is a request for a return visit? Any new suggestions?