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Mar 7, 2014 07:33 AM

What we eat

Amazing to see what comestibles actually are consumed. So much so many miss.

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  1. I am not sure that reporting what people *do* eat tells us what they don't eat. But, I am sure some folks are "missing out" in many areas of life.

    I am encouraged by the millennials though. I have a millennial daughter and how she cooks is way more advanced than how I cooked at her age. Most of her friends are really into cooking unique things and they know a lot about special diets, health, nutrition,etc as related to their choices. They are an interesting group to consider!

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      Didn't you post about doing some experimenting with techniques back awhile? I am always puzzled that so many are unadventurous, stick to narrow, often quite mediocre choices, and miss out on so much that life can offer.

      1. re: law_doc89

        Oh yes. Constantly experimenting. I love new ideas with food. But, I love to cook! So many people really don't like cooking. I also have the budget to be able to purchase unique ingredients, travel around the globe and eat food not found here, and eat at restaurants that expand my ideas about food. I also have some leisure time to research it and play around in the kitchen.

        I think if you don't like cooking, your choices are extremely limited -unless your budget is unlimited. Many folks can't afford to travel and adventurously eat out. They can't afford to cook something different, have it fail and throw it away to start over. I think those things shape their choices as much as taste.

        1. re: law_doc89

          My underemployed college graduate millennial daughter, comes to visit and i always take her food shopping! I buy her ingredients she can't get in her town and can't afford to buy regardless. She is thrilled. She is very adventurous with her cooking but can't afford to blindly experiment and waste food. We cook new things together so I can teach her things. So. Much. Fun.

          I taught her how to make a ton of gluten free vegetarian Venezuelan and Colombian food over Christmas, arepas, traditional yellow rice, black beans, etc. then bought her the PAN flour, annato and various spices. Teach a kid to fish, etc. etc.

          1. re: sedimental

            It IS so much fun, isn't it?

            Once a person understands techniques and ingredients, all things are possible, all the time.

        2. re: sedimental

          Truly an enlightened generation IMO.

        3. Off topic, but I didn't realize Netscape was still around!

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