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Jul 10, 2002 01:32 PM

looking for a great restaurant for dinner

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I will be in Montreal and would love to find a great restaurant for dinner. Italian, French or Fish would be perfect. If there is anything particularly good in Old Montreal. If not, I will go elsewhere. I don't want anything touristy. What is La Gaudriole like now?

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    Yelena Rennie

    Toque is definitely the best! We were in montreal this past weekend and had their tasting menu for $74. It was unbelievable :) The atmosphere is not stuffy at all and service is impecable. The wines were fantastic too. Make sure to have a reservation. If you need a place in Old Montreal, there is Jardin Nelson. It looks touristy, but the food is good and priced very reasonably. They mostly serve very creative crepes, salads, and pizzas. The main benefit to going there is sitting in their beautiful courtyard surrounded by flowers and live music (classical or jazz). They don't take reservations so you might have to wait if you come during prime dinner time.

    1. My current favorite is La Chronique. My husband and I had one of the most memorable meals of our life at La Chronique in June. We had the four-course prix fixe menu with wine pairing. The food was beyond words! The service is attentive but not overbearing. The dining room isn't much to talk about but the food makes up for the decor.