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Mar 7, 2014 07:13 AM

Connie & Ted's

Since the last thread became about walking (by the way I walk in L A! ) I thought I would start a new one. I have been many times and I have found the best items are the simply prepared ones. I am a huge fan of steamers and theirs are as good as the ones on the east cost. Their fried clam bellies are wonderful as are their chowdas.
The clam cakes and baked clams were okay but nothing special. The patio is pleasant and quieter than inside. Now - if someone would bring hard shell crabs to L A...

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  1. I thought their stuffies were superb!

    1. I so, so want to try C&Ts; I'm from Connecticut and have been dying to go there since it opened. I'm just so lazy about schlepping eastward. But your post, and the other thread that morphed into the discourse on valet parking, may re-inspire me. One of these days...

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        I've got a similar problem, Wayno. I'm also from CT and the place opened up just after we moved from LA to Vegas.

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          You will definitely enjoy it, Wayno, take the plunge! What motivated me to drive east was that they opened for lunch on weekends.....

          I agree with flowergirl that the clam cakes are not 'special'; in fact I think my Mom's are a touch better, but they are definitely unique.....most people have no idea what they are. We used to order them by the dozen in Rhode glad I can make them at home though.

        2. I walk in LA too......

          I have yet to try the I'm curious and will have to get back there soon. Especially now that it is Lent, what a perfect Friday lunch.....

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            I agree that the clam cakes aren't that interesting. Clam bellies were great, as was the lobster roll and the chowder sampler.

            I do think that the Lobsta Truck offers better value for the $ on the lobster roll (nearly as tasty, almost the same size, half the price, although C&T wins on absolute quality).

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              Have not tried the Lobsta truck. And since I don't have to chase down a great version, I doubt I will, unless I stumble upon it, and happen to have cash in my wallet....which is unusual since I have kids.....

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                  Lobsta Truck is definitely worth a try DWO!

                  1. re: Searching4Dunny

                    Well since they take cards, if I am in their area I will give them a try, thanks!

          2. I am going back tomorrow night and have read all reviews carefully. (I went once before -- on opening night.) I shall report back, like a good soldier. (Excuse the military reference if you're a dove. Remember "dove" and "hawk"? Or aren't you my age?!!) ;)

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              Sure, I remember that era. I really like the Firesign Theatre tale of two soldiers who get lost in Vietnam. Their names were Pico and Alvarado...

            2. Went today for the first time:
              Great Service.
              Chowder Trio- Great
              Raw Oysters- Wonderful
              Clam Cakes- Ok
              Stuffies- Didn't like
              Lobster Roll- Tasty but expensive
              Steamers- Best I've ever had
              Clam Bellies- Wonderful best dish of the day!