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Baking when sick?

I'd like to bake cookies today (I have a babysitter!!), but I have a cold and a slightly scratchy throat. Would my cookies make people sick if I take care to wash a lot and don't cough or sneeze on anything? Thanks!

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  1. It's not the pre-baked cookies I'd worry about; the oven temps should kills the bugs. it's exposure to you post-baking. I'd refrain.

    1. Go ahead and bake if these are intended for your family. Of course take senisble precautions but your family's been exposed to all of your cold virus anyway.

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        That makes sense; they are for my family. Although around here, EVERYONE seems to have something right now!

      2. Latex gloves and maybe a face mask too. Just sort of kidding.

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        1. I think it's fine, just don't cough into the batter though if you did it's likely still fine.

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            Just don't cough on the finished product? ;)

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              That's what I would say, raw batter has plenty of other things like raw eggs etc to "worry" about too.

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                I think the final product might be OK as well especially for a family. I wish I ever even considered these things :)

            2. also makes a difference as to what the external symptoms are...I'd be a lot less fussed with a scratchy throat and a stuffed-up head than someone who was coughing and sneezing continually....

              Gastrointestinal complaints, however, are a flat-out NO for me.

              1. If you've got a cold you need to rest!! Don't expend your energy baking; let your body use its resources to fight off your cold.

                I'm not a germaphobe by any means but I'd kind of look at you sideways if you offered me your freshly-baked cookies if you were congested and had signs of a cold.

                Working as a vet nurse I so often get people phoning for an appointment while sneezing and coughing and sounding blocked up and they say,"I've got the day off work sick today so I thought I'd bring my cat/dog in for its vaccinations." Aaaagh! I can understand the desire to get some things done when you have some time off but really, a) you should be resting and b) we really would love it if you didn't come and spread your cold/flu to us.